I’ve been “training” since February 22 for the Broad Street Run. I started off strong following a novice training guide day by day. However, as the weeks went by, in the midst of all the house hunting, it got harder to stick to the routine. With all the support, gifts, and occasional running partner, (thanks Heather!) I pushed through and felt pretty confident for the run.

The morning of the race I was more anxious about all the people around me than my performance. My one real goal was to finish, although I did set a time goal for myself as well. Being in the last corral to start, there was a lot of weaving in and out of people, but I powered through the first 3 miles without a problem, well, besides the wonderful smells and north Philly.

Ben caught this picture of me kicking ass! Surprisingly, he was able to ride his bike along side of me for about half the race. It kept my motivation up and quenched my thirst between water stations.

Besides finishing, going around city hall and down that part of broad street right after was the coolest part. Mile 8 to 9 was the hardest to push through and consisted of a lot of walking/running intervals. I crossed the finish 13 min after I originally wanted to, but it was okay, I just finished 10 miles for the first time in my life!