Remember last year when we were trying to sell the house ahead of the baby’s arrival? Well we never met that deadline and wisely decided to pull the house from the market a few weeks before Michelle’s due date. It’s Spring again though, and that meant it was time to give this real estate thing another go. Easy right? Just find someone to buy our current house at a price that won’t lose us too much money, and somehow time it just right that we find our dream house at the same time to place the winning bid..

Well it worked just like that. Ha! Sort of.. well close enough. Anyway, we’re now in the super fun phase of packing up all our stuff (how did we get so much stuff???) and preparing for the big move. Thankfully we were able to get early access to the new garage which has allowed us to start moving things over bit by bit now.


A fifth of our bikes already done!




Seriously where did all this stuff come from? Fortunately we’ve had plenty of help to get it all packed up and moved over.

Confession: Most of the stuff… lives in the garage.


All these years of turning wrenches and scouring craigslist for parts means I have a healthy collection of tools, gizmos, and gadgets. and dust. so much dust.


Yet one by one – truck load by truck load, things are making their way over.




We’re also the proud new owners of my grandfather’s riding mower. Like all things him, it’s in perfect condition and meticulously maintained. And still teaching me lessons… after a slight incident while loading the tractor where I maybe dumped it off the ramps and it maybe fell on me I thought some more about the procedure and came up with a solution to ensure no issues this time around.


Nailed it.


Last but not least, all this packing was a clear sign we needed to ditch some stuff. Yard sale time! Another fun adventure of schlepping a bunch of crap out to our driveway to haggle over a dollar!


They never cease to amaze.


Just a few more weeks…