Ladies and gentlemen, as we prepare for arrival it’s time to power down your electronic devices, stow all carry ons under the seat in front of you, and please bring your seat backs and tray tables to their upright and locked position. That’s right, folks, we are only days away from delivery! Well, it could be more like a week and a half but you can count that in days too. Regardless of when she actually shows up, time is running out to finish our preparation so this three day weekend was a race right from the start.

It even started well before the weekend as earlier in the week I made one last use of the truck (more on that later) and picked up our new side door and storm door from Home Depot. The entry door off the kitchen is our everyday coming and going door and we’ve wanted to replace it for years. I think it’s original to the house and features single pain glass, a dynamic width, and a door knob that falls off.


We finally made it a priority and reached out to our friend Joe Jetta for help. Joe is one of my close VW friends and previously worked as a general contractor. He occasionally does side work like this and was the perfect guy for the job. Plus he doesn’t mind letting me help with hold things.




Joe made quick work of pulling the old door, and before you knew it there was a gaping door shaped hole in the wall! We continued working to clear all remnants of the old door and get the new door in and lined up. I kept reminding Joe that taking pictures of him working is practically the same as me working too. He just didn’t get it though. Luckily for him, Michelle and Cadence came out to help too!





After a quick break for General Tso’s chicken, we finished up the install and I took a few more pictures of everything but the new door.



Speaking of the truck, and we were, the other main event that occurred earlier in the week was the listing of said truck for sale. It’s hard to believe the brodozer has been one of the longest cars I’ve ever held on to! I purchased it 4 years ago from my best friend while still only mid way through the rabbit project!


The years have flown by, and the brodozer has seen many different versions, however, a version I wasn’t content with was dust collect/storage bin. With time and space even more precious these days, I made the decision to pass it on to a new owner. It didn’t take long to find one, and Friday night while working on the door my phone was a flurry of messages. Long story short, a 15 year old kid and his dad showed up bright and early Saturday morning to see it. The kid’s older brother and even the dad each had their own rabbit pickup, and the brodozer was to be their project over the winter while junior waited to get his license. How can you say no to that?! Well I didn’t, and after a few hiccups with Uhaul, they loaded the truck and drove off into the (noon) sunset. *the truck was running fine he just couldn’t drive it home because he doesn’t have a license yet!


The rest of Saturday was a blur. We ran all the errands. Ikea is awful on the weekends. The mall is even worse.

Fast forward to Sunday, and Michelle was out the door early to spend the day prepping freezable meals for us with her mom. The idea being that she can make a ton of food now that we can easily defrost and heat up once the baby is here. It must have been a full on food factory over there as she brought home 10 servings of veggie lasagna, 7 stuffed peppers, 2 chicken pot pies, and a whole pot of chili. #dadbod

Meanwhile, while I was cutting the grass I kept noticing a bunch of classic cars and hot rods driving by. A quick google search revealed there was a local charity car show benefitting a fallen police officer. After cleaning up, I headed over to the show to check it out.





As you can see it wasn’t my typical subject matter, but part of me loves old American muscle and these cars were all really well done. One of these days you’ll see either a 64 1/2 Mustang or a 65 GTO in our garage..

The car show also gave time for paint back in the current garage to dry. Signal Orange is a big commitment, so I tested a similar shade of orange on the new bumper. What do you think?


Kind of like this:


Anyway that (finally) brings us to today. As if Michelle’s mega meal prep wasn’t enough, I was up early to get the smoker going with a pork butt. My barbecue always ends up going late so I took the calculated cook time and doubled it. This meant meat’s on at 7am.


This was our last day of the weekend so after a surprisingly pleasant cup of coffee on the patio, we hit a full agenda. On deck was a full house clean, like really clean even vacuuming underneath stuff and mopping the floors and shampooing rugs clean! Also to-do was swap out the black coffee bar for a white one, put away and organize all these piles of baby stuff, and maybe 96 loads of laundry.

Ikea hack: fancy up your book shelf by screwing feet to the bottom!


Ikea hack #2: power tools!


My co-worker, Dave, also generously donated his mega fancy baby rocker. He lives nearby and even delivered it to the house today!


Michelle isn’t as stoked as Joe to have you taking pictures the whole time, but I managed to snap this one of a freshly finished room. We did eventually complete most of the items from the list.


..just in time for perfectly timed barbecue!


Nailed it!