I think this might be a good time for an update. Actions have been set into motion; actions which have direction and consequences and price tags. As you may have seen, I recently began the slow process of disassembling the impacted body panels and their peripherals. I’ve said this many times before, and not surprisingly have seen it in other Porsche threads, but it’s so surprising how cooperative these cars are when it comes time to unbolt things. Many people might not appreciate that, but for anyone that’s torn down an old watercooled volkswagen, you can truly understand the happiness that emanates from a nut or bolt that needs nothing more than lefty loosey to be removed.


With work life and personal life seemingly spinning out of control these past few months, I often only have time to fit in 1 hour sprints with the car. One hour at the time though, the parts are coming off, the fasteners making their way into baggies, and the exposed areas getting scrubbing and treated. My rabbit pickup has somehow also volunteered to help it’s older brother out by storing all of these items in its rapidly overflowing bed.


We recently had a local car show that often attracts a pretty diverse swap meet. I originally had thoughts of driving the truck, with a full bed of parts, to the show with hopes of selling something here or there. Michelle, however, in her infinite wisdom reminded me that spending a whole day confined to your swap space is rarely an enjoyable Saturday. She suggested that I instead list the items online and deal with the shipping if they actually sell. Good idea right? And really, who’s gonna buy smashed up body panels?

A couple quick photos later, and my stuff was live on Pelican Parts. Then my inbox filled up? Jackpot! After a visit from a gentleman just north of me yesterday, I’m happy to have a much lighter truck and most importantly, another $800 in the budget!

What’s a point of all this rambling? Said gentleman not only took my front bumper, but also purchased my accordion rear bumper thus removing all remnants of the car’s impact bumper history. It’s official, we’re backdating.