So often you get to Sunday night and wonder “where the hell did the weekend go?”. That’s the worst because you feel like you’ve wasted it. Not the case this weekend. In fact, I couldn’t believe how much awesome we got to pull out of just a few days.

Things kicked off Friday when I was able to get a new set of wheels and tires mounted up to the dadwagen. The car came with snow tires so I’ve been combing the internets ever since for the right deal on a summer setup.


Friday also kicked things off because Jamie and I had planned an informal bachelor night with our bud, Eric. It seems like just yesterday we were posting on VW Vortex and busting knuckles on the Greenland Polo, but I’m really lucky to have those two as such close friends now.



The game plan for Friday night was to surprise Eric with a limo ride out to Vegan Treats, then catch some action at the velodrome, and then see where the evening would take us.




The velodrome was awesome, and we couldn’t believe how good the racing was. Pro level track racing with international riders all for $5 and a short drive from home! Cameras weren’t allowed for the rest of the night so I’ll jump right into Saturday morning.

The Deutsche Classic is one of my favorite car shows all year. It’s the only show around that features so many classic German cars in addition to your everyday VWs. The crowd is older, so there’s virtually zero mouth-breathing dubbers and NO VAPING! Unfortunately my 911 couldn’t make the show this year, but it seemed like everyone else’s could. The Porsche section was outstanding. I think I’ve definitely made up my mind now on signal orange 😉





After the show, it was a quick long drive down to South Jersey for a graduation party that evening and some more beach time Sunday. The weather was absolutely perfect on Sunday, and we had one of the best beach days in years. Michelle also debuted her beach bump with a two piece bathing suit and looked awesome!



We stayed at the beach a little late, so on the way we grabbed dinner to go from one of my favorite spots along the bay. The trip wasn’t complete without hitting a second local legend, and we happily obliged.




You never realize how hard/weird it is to explain the raisin until you have to explain the raisin.


Anyway, we finished the short drive back to my mom’s where we then ate our frozen treats and inhaled our clam chowder. Another solid weekend in the books!