Cliff notes: We’re 23 weeks in now. It’s a girl. The Porsche is wrecked. The house is still for sale.


So.. where were we? Well, we were on I-76 eastbound just past the Gulf Mills exit to be precise. It was early morning. The air was still damp and cool, and we were actually on schedule to beat traffic and make it down to South Jersey in time for Mother’s Day brunch. The car was running smooth, cruising through the gears and settling into a nice pace to keep the engine humming while not being too disruptive to other motorists or most importantly, my pregnant passenger. In an instant everything changed, as over the concrete median leapt a deer who landed directly in front of the car. Before I could even lift off the throttle to slam the brakes, we had already clipped the deer’s legs and sent it rolling across the hood and off the side of the car.

Still in shock, Michelle assured me she was ok, and we slowly moved over into the shoulder to stop and assess the damage. As driver and passenger we had barely felt the impact; a credit to the extremely low profile and aerodynamic body lines of the 911. In any other vehicle we would have made direct contact with the deer’s torso and surely deployed the front air bags. In the 911, however, we merely scooped under the deer and thankfully avoided collision with the windshield. After confirming again that Michelle was fine, I carefully opened the door and walked around to see how bad the impact was.



The grand scheme blah blah blah we’re ok and not injured at all. Still sucks to see something you’ve worked so hard at get destroyed. After collecting ourselves we made the necessary phone calls and arranged for a tow truck to take the car home. The state trooper was really nice too and even wished Michelle a happy mother’s day.


Finally home safe, I pulled the cover over it and began the long (still active) insurance claim process. Now cracks a noble heart. Good night sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!


As I mentioned earlier, we’ve also recently found out that our bundle of joy is girl!

To celebrate, we spent 6 hours at babies R us trying to figure out how strollers work.

IMG_6419 IMG_6420 IMG_6410

Thank you again so much to Michelle’s sister, Heather! She put up with us all day and basically conducted a hands on 6 hour ‘this is how you infant’ seminar.

That’s not to say that it’s been all work and no play. Brileen was back in action over Memorial Day weekend and hosted another of their backyard bashes, although with less midnight Adelle sing-alongs this time.

DSC_7862 DSC_7758 DSC_7759 DSC_7778 DSC_7812DSC_7855


not sure what the last photo is about but just go with it