That’s about what I was when I took the pregnancy test that Ben walked in on… TMI?  #sorrynotsorry

But really I’m referring to this post and how its a week and half overdue.  People, I turned 30 AND I’m pregnant!  We’re pregnant?  No, I am pregnant, we are expecting?  However the cool people say it – wait, that’s us! haha  Anyways, our first offspring is coming September/October of this year!  Chinese year of the Goat.

DSC_7095Thanks IKEA.

ikeaBy now you have heard or have seen the news on social media.  One of our friends scrolled through their Facebook feed thinking were just a fancy advertisement.  Disclosure: We were not paid by IKEA for this, we just like to pretend we live in Sweden and will get their maternity/paternity leave. 🙂

We just hit week 17!  Things are going well other than a little nausea, horrific hormonal acne, and discovering that I couldn’t button my jeans this morning.  With only 23 weeks to go, give or take, its really flying by, which is a little scary because I try to block out what happens when the little one is ready to make his/her debut! EEK!

Life doesn’t stand still while you try to figure out what you need to do to prepare for your upcoming bundle of joy, what they need, or what the hell you do in general.  Somewhere in the mix I turned 30 and now drink virgin bloody mary’s at brunch.


On my actual 30th birthday, Ben, my sister, my closest friends, and my Mother-in-law joined me for a private yoga class to celebrate life.  Jennifer at Aim High rocked leading our practice and even had my tears flowing during savasana.  Pregnancy hormones are for real!  Meanwhile at our house, my Mom prepped/displayed the food and decorated with 30’s everywhere.  She is amazing!  Everyone contributed to the most amazing spread! Pregnant or not, me + brunch = soul-mates.



DSC_7261This minion joined in the celebration too.

DSC_7279With the best noise maker ever…

DSC_7253Sorry, guys, we all look equally food coma-ed in this picture, so don’t hate me.

DSC_7314We continued our comas in the sun and before I knew it, everyone went home it was time to do grown-up things 30 year olds do.

Did I forget to mention with a husband like mine, we take on the world and do life changing events all at once.  We are also selling our house and searching for a new one.  No biggie.  So house projects ensued for the remainder of the day, weekend, and every day from then.  As soon as everyone cleared the patio, Ben got to work.

And so did I with my safety first ventilator along with my well ventilated arena of the great outdoors.

I am actually terrible at spray-painting and probably should have switched this task with Ben’s and his mediocre caulking skills.  He is much better at spray-painting; although, we don’t know what my caulking skills are like.

I am a pretty awesome grouter though… And I look good doing it.  I guess once you turn 30 there is no shame in posting your mismatched attire topped with unbrushed hair for the whole internet to see?  I did threaten Ben while he took this picture.  I believe I was still 29 here.


We rounded off the weekend following the natural light around our house, staging, and taking our listing photos.  I ran around staging then Ben framed the shot and snapped the pics.  He would show me the shot and I would run around some more to move some things around in and out of the frame.  Too bad a 1.5 x 2 inch screen didn’t alert me to everything I would have moved… Oh well, we had an absolute blast doing it.  You can see the finished product when our listing goes live!  Stay tuned!

DSC_7263This girl is not for sale with Ben’s car or the house… <3333