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When we last left off, I had just completed the cleaning and rebuild of my first carburetor. Motivated by an overwhelming sense of smugness, I didn’t shave once all week and entered nearly every problem solving situation feeling methodical as fuck. Need to pack lunch? – let’s break the contents one by one and assemble a great meal. Full inbox? – read and organize them into daily tasks. Stressed out wife? – identify the individual stressors and escape quickly to the garage.

That brings us to part two in the carburetor rebuild project. Over the weekend my goal was to finish the second carb, similarly clean and replace gaskets for the intake manifolds, and possibly start re-assembly. Progress with the second carb moved significantly faster than the first, since I was now fairly familiar with all the parts and their assembly.



Progress stalled, however, when my attention shifted to the intake manifolds. For those without little girl hands, removing the awkwardly located nuts would be a challenge, and I would highly recommend a set of crow’s feet wrenches. For me the nuts came off relatively easy, but coaxing the manifolds off their mounting bolts was much trickier. Gentle persuasion came to the rescue, and it was clear that they had not been touched in a very long time.



While you’re in there…

Something I’ve never been a fan (pun intended) of on my 911 was the previous owners mass application of red paint to the engine components. It was now or never to make the change so I eagerly unbolted the fan shroud and fan housing.




And that’s where we’re left after a long Saturday devoted solely to the 911. The individual components have been stripped down and are currently receiving a refreshing and some new paint. Up next is re-assembly and the initial carburetor mixture tuning!