Where did we leave off again? Ah yes, cars/bikes/beers repeat… While I can’t say much has changed, hopefully this edition of Sunday night picture dump can at least present our classic flavors in a new twist.

I’d like to start off with Mountain Bike Nationals, but frankly I think the internet has seen enough of those pictures for a bit. If you missed it, this aught to give you an idea: https://twitter.com/BicyclingMag/status/492294420784349184

Moving on, it’s been full steam at work lately, and I felt like this weekend would never arrive. A few minutes shy of 5pm I hustled out the door onto stop #1: The M2 Photography Craftsman LT2000. Michael reached out to me earlier in the week when his tractor wouldn’t start, so Friday afternoon we took it completely apart before realizing that the battery wasn’t charged. We put everything back together, jumpered a car battery, and the tractor roared to life. Yeeeee Hawwww!

photo 1 (2)

I’d like to tell you that I then proceeded on to an adventure filled Friday night, but Michelle and I just grabbed some delicious Thai food and watched a shitty movie. Still pretty good in my opinion.

Saturday morning we must have slept in until forever, because by the time we were both up and moving, it was too late to get breakfast at Anna Maries. Instead we grabbed a quick brunch at a local place and hit the streets to check out a yard sale nearby.

photo 2 (2)

photo 3 (2)

The yard sale was a bust so we dove into some overdue yard work.




We banged through the yard work pretty quickly and miraculously still had some energy motivation left so we started cleaning and organizing the garage. Last week I was able to donate a full truck (rabbit truck*) bed worth of spare VW parts at a car show so we now have a ton of new space to work with in the garage. Seriously, so much more space.




We’re not done the work bench area yet…

Sufficiently exhausted. We did the sensible thing and drove out to see the new Target in King of Prussia. Unfortunately for me, it’s brand new so they didn’t have anything on clearance.

Sunday morning came bright and early as we needed to grab a few things before meeting my Mom, brother, and BROTHER’S GIRLFRIEND at the Phillies game.


photo 4 (1)







After the game, Michelle did me a solid and drove us home so I could take a nap. Damn she’s good to me. With the last precious minutes of the weekend dwindling away, I snuck in some time with the Porsche and ordered us a pair of salads from Applebee’s (#burblife). Michelle’s salad sucked so I called in and complained. Have a great week!