You know what they say. When Mrs. Obscene’s away, an easy post title to summarize random but chronological pictures is “hey”. Indeed Mrs. Obscene did travel ‘down the shore’ for a long weekend, so Cadence and I embraced our duty to lounge around naked and eat nothing but junk food.

But not without first getting some work done.

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Things get real interesting when you try to do truck things with my truck. I also did some work at the Thursday night world championships, however, I was quickly distracted from my efforts when an older gentleman, with the best tan ever, showed up wearing nothing but a speedo and fanny pack. It takes a lot for a group of guys with shaved legs and spandex to feel uncomfortable, but at least we now know where that line is.

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My apologizes for the cell phone pictures. I’ll try to be more prepared next time. Once the actual weekend came, it flew by like a blur. One of my favorite car shows was Saturday with another great early morning drive, and I rode down to Philly on Sunday to hang with friends and watch the World Cup final.













On the way home from the car show we popped into Zern’s Farmers Market which is more flea market than farmers market. It’s full of the greatest collection of junk you don’t need, and I absolutely love it.




Then, among stacks of old VHS tapes and broken garden tools, I saw it. I have no idea how a Porsche key chain ended up here, but I bought it instantly (after looking for other things to bundle with and reduce the $3 price tag).


Sunday’s ride into the city was good and hot as the temperature was soaring. A lot like transitioning from suburban driving to city driving, city riding brings a whole host of new stimuli.

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Mrs. Obscene met us in Philly, so after the game we grabbed German beers to celebrate the win and had some really good Thai food! (also to celebrate the German win)

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Then carried some old pallets back to the house because why not.

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