Well that was fun. An easy work week, great weather, lots of friends, and get lots done = how to do the weekend. I started things off on Friday with a nice, low traffic cruise to work in the 911. For anyone who doesn’t know yet, about two months ago the stars aligned and I brought home my dream car. Dream car is a funny phrase to toss around, and I don’t use it much, but I’m not sure how to describe the car otherwise. I think my ‘favorite car’ is more accurate, especially if you know me and the revolving door that is our garage. I think this one will stay for a while though. It took over a year of daily web searches scouring the continental United States to find the right car for me. The way I always framed the search was “I need to find the car that has all the right things wrong.” AKA one that was shitty enough to stay in my budget, but not overly destroyed to the point of never being able to enjoy it. Now you know why it took so long. Ironically, after searching the whole country for over a year, this one popped up for sale in West Chester, PA about 30 mins away…

Anyway, after years of searching, lots of money, and plenty of work I can now drive and enjoy the car so I did that on Friday. Sorry for the terrible photo. It’s from my phone, and I had to be discreet as to not be discovered as the weirdo taking pictures of their car in the parking lot at lunch time.

photo 1 (3)

I seriously love bringing unusual cars to work and shaking up the #bigpharma accord/camry/bmw snoozefest.

Michelle was out getting crunk in Philly Friday night, so Cadence and I spent some quality time in the garage turning wrenches, drinking beer, and being discovered as the weirdo taking pictures of their car in the garage at dinner time.


I’m not sure how she climbed up high enough for this one:



Saturday morning came bright and early, and I jumped right into the #burblife chores. Vacuuming, cleaning up the kitchen, mowing the lawn, walking the dog… bingo bango awww yeah. With the chores out of the way, I washed and waxed a car for the first time in like ten years. Whoa. Michelle returned home, and we headed out to the annual Valley Forge Block Party.

I’m not really sure how to describe the party, but the following series of photos should explain the bulk of it:

photo 3 (2)

photo 4 (2)

photo 5

Yup. We left the party a little early because one of my internet friends was in town for Sunday’s car show and was staying over Brileen’s for the night. Cruised out to hang for a bit and see his awesome green GTI (full of Orchid Euro parts!).


Sunday morning I was up nice and early to drive out the show. The streets were empty and the air was still cool, and I got to experience one of those really great drives through the PA countryside that remind me why I love it out here and why I love classic cars. Shit was dope, son. The cool air didn’t stick around, and we roasted all day at the show but it was still a blast. Our friend ended up winning 1st place in the MK3 Golf class, and the Orchid Euro booth stayed busy all day.









Finally, on the way home I stopped by our tattoo artist’s place to check out his chopper. He spent most of the winter building and fabricating nearly every piece of the bike, and I can’t get enough of the small details that make up one amazing chopper.




So yes, quite possibly the broiest weekend ever, but I’ll take that. It was fun, and girls have cooties. And hell I didn’t even barbeque meats or watch sports.