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As with most entries here at Mr and Mrs Obscene, this one will be a picture heavy recap of our overly mobile weekend. There will be bikes, I’ll try to make a few jokes, and maybe even a picture of Cadence or an old car.

We jump started the weekend with some Friday night outlet shopping with the hope of finding me some sneakers. For those that don’t know or haven’t known me that long, I used to engage in the obsessive hobby of collecting sneakers. Camping outside of a store for a limited Nike release was not uncommon, and I even started walking funny to avoid creasing the sneakers I actually wore outside. So with that history, you can now understand why cruising the outlets for last season’s open box rejects is such an endeavor. Anyway, I didn’t find any sneakers, but we saw Michael and Melissa from M2 with their lovely daughters banging out some back to school shopping. Running late and feeling defeated, we picked up Michelle’s mom and headed straight for Texas Roadhouse where I officially ended summer by ordering a Sam Adams Octoberfest.

Early the next morning was an exciting change of pace as I found myself up before the sun to load Michelle’s bike and equipment instead of mine. Saturday was the caffeinated cyclist time trial in NJ and Michelle’s first official bike race. The Rav quickly reached max capacity as both us plus Michelle’s mom and Cadence were headed to Fong’s after the race for a weekend ‘down the shore’.

I’ll let Michelle do her own race recap, but she did awesome, and I was beyond proud at how #pro she rode her first race.

The race was in Mullica Hill so we were treated to the scenic farm roads of South Jersey rather than the usual boring expressway. This also meant we could stop at the local farm stand the race promoter had been building up all morning. Fresh cider donuts consumed, we continued the drive down to my parents’ house.

After sorting some heavy furniture for my mom, we took off to catch what was left of a beach day. Friday night’s Octoberfest worked, and the place seemed empty for a Saturday in August. We hung around though, and I further ruined my previously amazing tan lines.

Sunday morning we woke up early again and headed back to Ocean City for the guts and glory 5K. We’ve been running this for a couple years now in support of all the family members we have with terrible farts. After a rather crowded start the run sorted itself out, and I stayed with Michelle to help her pace. Isn’t wasn’t our best performance, but we looked good and grabbed a ton of free food and drink at the finish anyway. My teammate, Brad, was in town on vacation and finished 3rd in 50-59 so we hung out and cheered for him. It wasn’t much of a beach day so after some coffee and pizza we packed up and sat in traffic for a few hours.

Mondays are always a blur after weekends like that, so last night we did a little yard work, wrenched on the truck, and enjoyed a nice fire instead of making dinner. Tuesdays are always a blur after Mondays like that.