Remember last time when I mentioned that Michelle and I both started new jobs recently? I used these two pictures:

photo 14


photo 19


One’s a little more glamorous than the other, but the point is that our new jobs have some damn fine bicycle commutes. This past week was actually the first time I’ve ever ridden in to work five out of five work days. Even better, the first 90% of my route is the same as Michelle’s so when she rides in we get to ride together. Naturally if Michelle’s riding in, it’s already beautiful weather so what better way to start off your morning than a lovely bike ride with your wife? -Rhetorical question as stuff like jet fighter ride with your wife or not having to go to work at all are both clear winners.

photo 1


Sooner or later I’m going to have to figure out what to do during bad weather. With the heat and humidity this week, I kind of hope for  one of those pop up rain storms.

photo 2


I’ve even inspired a co-worker… or their license got suspended.. but either way I’m happy to see the bike rack being used.

photo 3


You may be thinking, “so what would a DUIer have a sick ass all black race bike for?!” Well, dum dum, that’s actually my bike. The other guy rides the Captain America mountain bike. Yes, it’s been a very exciting month for new bikes here at Mr. and Mrs. Obscene. The black beauty above is a combination of old parts, new parts, and broken parts which I’ve duct taped together and called this year’s race bike.

photo 4


Michelle also got in on the action when I traded her single use only cross bike for a new mountain bike. Ever since BikeSport loaned us a Trek 29er for our honeymoon, I’ve wanted to add two to our stable and get back out to the trails.



It’s been a while since either of us have done any mountain biking, but fortunately my teammate Maria was eager to show us the ropes with an early morning ride through Valley Forge.

photo 6


Maria’s main lesson of the day: When in doubt, dismount.

photo 7


photo 8


Damn girl, lemme get some of dat mud! We snapped this photo of Michelle’s legs while walking into Walgreens. And finally, not to be outdone, I picked up my own bouncy fat tire bike from BikeSport last weekend.

photo 5

Current stable count: 11