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I think it was just shortly after the jello shots made their debut that the fourth person asked if we still had the blog. “Well yeah, but we haven’t written anything in a long time” we’d respond only to receive an even more puzzling follow-up – “So do you just not do exciting stuff anymore?”

We do lots of exciting stuff! I just never realized people enjoyed reading about it.. In fact, things are more exciting than ever! Lets catch up on the past six months!

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Happy 2013! We celebrated New Years Eve at Brileen’s house where despite all odds, both of us managed to stay up past midnight. Allegedly though, I was the only one who got too drunk and had a solo dance party.

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Michelle started another art project. This one is for the wall in our bedroom and will be a collage of black and white photography from the past few years.

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I went up to Lake Harmony for the annual winter cabin trip. The pressure was on this year as Georgia Todd, our competition level pitmaster, was unable to make the trip leaving me in charge of most of the cooking. Nailed it, and saved the guys $500 by not having fresh blue crab flown in on dry ice from Maryland.

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In early February I took another road trip down to Louisville for the Cyclocross World Championships. There isn’t a better picture in the whole internet that explains cyclocross racing, and our weekend in Louisville, better than this.

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Once the snow melted and our toes thawed, we slowly climbed back on the bikes and resumed Mr. and Mrs. training rides through Valley Forge park.

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Around that time I also picked up some new hardware to play with.

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Another long over-due project was this leash/key rack that Michelle made for the side door. Once my allergies downgrade from defcon 7, we’ll put flowers in the mason jar.


M2 had another party, and we this year made a Harlem Shake video. (they were popular at the time)

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The truck was having trouble after commuting through the winter, so I finally took it off the road for its restoration. Lets hope it’s not another two year project, as we actually use this one to haul supplies and do work.

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Lucas turned 1!

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Sunnybrook held its spring training camp in West Virginia again, and this year Michelle came down as well to help soigner for the team. It’s a French word for cooking breakfast, delivering supplies and food during rides, and picking me up with the car when the hour long climb back up to the cabin isn’t going so well. Eric wrote up a nice recap here:

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The rabbit also made its spring car show debut and even took home a 3rd place trophy.

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Over the winter Cadence learned how to run on the treadmill. True story: We’ve had it for half a year and she’s the only one who’s used it.

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Michelle got a new job! She no longer has to work on animals, makes mad cash, and has the prettiest bike commute in PA.

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For her birthday, I surprised her with tickets to see Annie in New York. I think we may have been more excited to spend the day with my brother though and visit the CB2 store. Big surprise: we still haven’t decided on a couch.

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I think 2013 has been the year of over-due projects. We spent a weekend tearing up the floor in the kitchen and laying down some new vinyl tiles.

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Remember that short term restoration on the truck? Yup, still going…

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I got a new job! Losing my office has been an adjustment, but I must say it’s been pretty damn nice not selling drugs anymore.

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Conveniently, right after I started the new job, we went on vacation! We spent a week in the outer banks, and it was absolutely amazing. Cadence relaxed out on the balcony all day while Michelle and I took in some much needed beach time.

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We hung out with Lucas some more during a Memorial Day barbecue. This dude has teeth now, makes noises, and walks.

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Unfortunately we had some bad luck too. In an attempt to help out a local shelter we offered to long term babysit another dog under the condition that she got along with Cadence. Well they didn’t get along, and Cadence had to get her ear stitched up. Those cone things they put around the dogs’ heads are the absolute worst. She hated it and could not stop bumping into everything with it. Luckily the stitches are out now, and she’s back to her usual self again.

So that’s us. What’s new with you?