Season’s greetings! Here at we’re excited to offer extended doorbuster specials! Starting tomorrow at 5am, anyone who clicks this link gets to read our blog*! (*While supplies last) We’re also excited to announce that despite miserable weather, massive crowds, and some white trash bitch yelling at me in the parking lot we’re nearly finished buying gifts! Of course the holiday season shouldn’t only be about consumerism, but a time for friends and family and wine. In fact, courtesy of our friends, my family and I enjoyed some wine recently at a nice little byob Thai place.


Bring your own bottle is the best suggestion ever. The pad thai was good too. Speaking of pad thai, some of our local bike racing friends recently traveled out west to ride bikes, and I’m pleased to report that singlespeed worlds is coming to Philadelphia next year.


Ehhh now to tie it back in to Christmas… right. So we’ve also been doing some babysitting lately. One baby is a classic red Italian roadster and the other is our nephew, Luke. Not surprisingly, I’m terrified of breaking either one.



Friends, family, wine. Ready? Ok, so in keeping with the true spirit of the holidays, our friend Ida was over the house recently and over a glass or two of wine noticed how weak our firewood supply was. The next day her husband dropped off a truck load of wood. Boom!


I built this artisanal platform from 100% locally sourced, organic wood that was left over from the arbor. It’s pretty flimsy and won’t sit level, but the firewood hasn’t toppled over yet and Michelle isn’t vocally upset over the ugly blue tarp keeping it all dry… It’s hard to be upset at anything though when the fireplace is going, even white trash bitches in the parking lot.