Autumn has consistently been a season packed to the gills for us, and this year has been no different. The weekend following our wedding anniversary we were back in the Poconos celebrating another wedding. This one was the long awaited, and eagerly anticipated marriage of our college roommates, Brian and Coleen. The venue they chose was a beautiful mountain lake surrounded by cozy cottages and a perfect array of just dead enough trees. We split a cabin with Ben and Cait (and later Strawley and Mark) and planned to make a weekend out of it since Ben and I had groomsmen duties in the days prior to the wedding.

Upon our arrival, the first order of business was to collect the chocolate tuxedos Brian had chosen for us. My tuxedo fit like any rental, but Brian looked good and that’s what counts. I was really only disappointed we couldn’t wear tuxedos from The Situation’s collection:

Later that night was the rehearsal dinner where Brian surprised us with kickass humidors and Montecristo Havanas sourced through Sweden. Bangarang. Following the dinner, we had a mean craving for coffee so we punched ‘Starbucks’ into the GPS and started driving. There aren’t many Starbucks up in the mountains, but there are plenty of resorts and attractions.  To our immediate surprise and delight, the only nearby Starbucks happened to be inside the Great Wolf Lodge.

We grabbed our coffee, checked out the water slides, and I played the Wii dancing game for a bit with 30 little kids.

Wedding day moved pretty fast. We didn’t have much to do, so Ben and I occupied Brian with various games of skill.

Before you knew it Brian was married, Michelle and Cait were pounding tequila shots, and I was trying to remember dance moves from back when I was cool.

*apologies for my terrible photos (hint, Santa). Also, the one with the ‘Image Photo Studios’ watermark is from their photographer, Bruce.

Things quieted down a bit for the rest of October (literally too as Brian was in St. Lucia) and we tried to enjoy a few days with nothing planned. Michelle caught up on some much needed rest, and my nice new reliable car broke down.

After fixing the car, I wanted to take advantage of the quickly fading nice weather and took the dog for a run.

We stopped for a quick picture, but this branch jumped out of nowhere and ruined another Christmas card!

I also managed to squeeze in a trip down to the city to hang out with Eric and help him with his car. Fiddling with the carburetor on his 2002 is no joke and half made me miss my old motorcycle and half glad it’s long gone.

We did eventually figure it out, and with the car running we took a trip up to visit the guys at Cast & Salvage. That mixed feeling of missing the old motorcycle didn’t stand a chance.

The next day started bright and early with the annual Lupus Loop 5k. Michelle organizes a team each year (Lupusaurus Rex), and we even had our own mascot!

Huge thanks to everyone who came out and ran/walked on the brink of Hurricane Sandy!