I guess that’s true. This has been the hardest year of marriage for me at least.  Wha?
That’s right, Sunday October 14th marked the one year anniversary of all these pictures being taken by M2 Photography. It also happened to a year after we got married so Michelle and I booked a place up in the Poconos and took the dog with us for a weekend getaway. Before packing the Rav and cruising up the northeast extension we handled some other minor business first:

Michelle ran 21.0975 kilometres with a bunch of her friends:

I drove to OCMD with a bunch of my friends:

I cleaned out the garage infirmary to fit two cars:

We had a quick mini-golf tournament where my mom held the lead until the 18th hole with a record 9 hole-in-ones:

We burned our first fire of the season:

Ok, that should have us all caught up. So, like I said, Michelle and I spent our anniversary weekend up in the Poconos getting a much needed escape from suburbia. The leaves were just right, and the rental house was clean and cozy. And they had Netflix. Score. We drank a ton of beer, explored the area a bit, played with the dog, and watched just about everything available on Netflix. Perhaps my favorite part of weekends up in the Poconos is stumbling upon mom and pop restaurants and the locals that fill them. True story: that’s how I became the people’s keg rolling champion of Dushore, PA. Anyway, Michelle and I were super excited to find the Chat ‘n Chew cafe famous for its Messy Mike sandwich.

I insisted on two stools at the counter, and we stuffed ourselves while watching Mike (the guy from the sandwich) get messy. Right outside the restaurant was a flea market where I couldn’t pass up this $3 gem:

On the drive back to the rental, we became surrounded with the V8 roar of America and had to stop in at Pocono Motor Speedway to yell “Get ‘r done! Yeehaww! Jeff Gordon sucks!” to all the people enjoying laps on the NASCAR track.

Once back at the cabin, we grabbed Cadence and headed out for a nature walk. Note: next time book a place not surrounded by state gameland and/or bring lots of bright orange. We eventually snuck into Jack Frost Big Boulder and walked around the lake with more concern about being towed than shot. After carefully building a rock tripod, we snapped a Christmas card photo:

Finally, no anniversary would be complete without returning to the scene of the crime. We also had a giftcard and didn’t feel like cooking dinner.

Michelle politely declined the bloomin’ onion, and stuck to her ‘no cell phones this weekend except for checking/posting facebook, instagram, email, texts, calls, or words with friends’ policy:

But what about the…

Don’t worry, we ate the damn cake.