A little preface before I actually start these wedding recaps:
I was never the girl who envisioned her wedding day ever since she was little.  I really never thought about my wedding day until my sister was planning her’s in 2009.  By that time, Ben and I were together, we already lived together, and we knew we were getting married one day.  What I did know about our wedding day was that I wanted the day to scream us, some things traditional with no signs of generic.  I kept telling myself that I will create an atmosphere on our day that sets the mood, ambiance, and is as intoxicating as my love for my fiance. If no one else catches the love in the air or appreciates all the detail, I know my senses will be heightened and make the day that much more memorable and fantastic! ….and that I knew we could hand make every single thing that was up charged by 150% because it had “wedding” in front of it.  It became quite the recurring challenge of “I am not paying that price, I can totally make that.”  And that began the journey of our handmade wedding.

Okay. Let the games begin.

First tab in the wedding inspiration binder: Wedding Stationery.

Once the venue was [finally] picked, the date was set, and after hours of “research,” aka wedding blog stalking and magazine clipping,  ideas had to be designed and come to fruition, starting with the Save the Date.  Enter in “perfection paralysis”!  The save the date had a lot to live up to.  It was the first peek into how our wedding day was going to be portrayed.  It was also going to determine the look of every paper product that would be produced from our minds thereafter, since everything had to be cohesive.  No pressure, right?  Oh, how does Ben deal with me?!?  Anyway, here’s how our save the dates came to life.  (abridged version)
1. Decide on type of save the date: Picture Postcard? Done!
2. Camera + tripod + tandem = DIY photoshoot.
3. Decide on fonts that will be carried on every other piece of paper printed. (Not an easy task!)
4. Ben, photoshop design a mish mosh of all our inspiration pictures and put all the important information about saving a date. Michelle, nitpick about size and spacing.
5. Upload picture to Vistaprint and print 100 postcards FOR FREE! (+14.95 for shipping)

6. Buy 80 paper bag envelopes, one custom address stamper,  and lots of stamps.
7. Assemble and send.

And those are what our guests on our ever-changing, ever-expanding list received notifying them to save the date.  I thought they were genius and I still love them.

Next up in the wedding stationery suite, the invitations.