Happy Labor Day! Its amazing what a day off of work and a sub 85 degree day can do for an idle blog (well, at least idle from my words).  If you have been to our house, you know our “office” is on the third floor of our non central aired house.  This room holds our computer, my craft supplies, and a time capsule of our wedding.  Yeah, my wedding dress has probably melted in the garment bag that hasn’t been unzipped since October 14, 2011.  We are quickly approaching our one year anniversary and I really want to share with you everything that happened between this photo captured blog post

and this

The problem is, I have what I have dubbed “perfection paralysis” (not to be confused with indecisiveness).  It reared its ugly head many times during the wedding planning and continues to do so.  I know, all I have to do is document what already happened, but I don’t want to miss a detail and if I go out of chronological order my OCD head may explode. So, forgive me, details are going to overlap, I will probably go into more detail than you care, and I am almost a year late. whatevs. I am actually going to start on the first one right after I post this, I swear!

*All photos courtesy of m2 photography!