Summer is drawing to a close, and as usual I find myself both happy and sad. Even though our Summer vacations are long since gone, I feel like there’s still a natural relaxation that Summer brings. The warm sun on your skin, the open windows of fresh air, and the absence of bratty yellow school buses on the morning commute can do wonders for the mood. Of course this feeling is constantly at war with sunburn, sweat, parents and their annoying kids, and of course the bane of my existence: fuck face mosquitoes with a sweet tooth for Chinese food. So yeah, I’m a little happy and a little sad. But mostly happy since you get layer outfits in the Fall.

Arguably the best part of Summer though, is the time spent outdoors. Despite the mosquitoes, we’ve been trying our best to get as much in as possible. I got plenty in a few weeks ago up at the cabin:

Michelle and I also snuck in our annual tennis match. Cadence might be the only dog on Earth not interested in bouncy tennis balls. She made good use of the fenced-in courts though.

She’s also been acting strange in the Summer heat:

As usual, plenty of time gets spent in/out doors of the garage fiddling with the rabbit. The good news is it’s running and you can actually drive it now (minus the Budweiser of course).

The bad news is it’s sort of limited to the garage for now:

Speaking of running, we did a little of it last weekend:

Finally, I’m opening up the interactive segment of our blog again to talk about couches. We’ve been looking for a good one for some time and still haven’t found the one. Here’s the one I’ve had my eye on since forever. It’s crazy expensive though.

We also found a similar one but cheaper from CB2:

Thirdly, while browsing the regular Crate & Barrel we saw this one:

Soooo which one do you like the best? Any experiences with these brands would be greatly appreciated! I’d kind of like to make the deal soon too since there’s no longer enough room for me on our current couch..