I recently had to got to visit San Francisco for work again. Devoted Mr. and Mrs. Obscene readers will remember that I was out there right around this time last year. I’ve really come to enjoy this part of the left coast and wish Michelle could have come with as the weather and scenery were incredibly improved over my previous trip. If, somehow, the planets aligned and presented both a sales job offer and a scientist job offer, along with relocation, plus a heavy signing bonus, it’d be hard to turn down the SF bay area.

I also had the chance to fly Virgin America. Their attention to detail is awesome and totally worth a few extra bucks to fly with.

My trip started off just like last year, with a rental bike. Much nicer ride this time around though.

My destination that afternoon was the Fred Mecca that is Rapha Cycle Club SF.

After watching a very exciting stage of this year’s Tour of California, I started the return trip searching for bottles of Pliny the Elder.

The rest of the trip is pretty boring. I did, however, spot a Maserati BiTurbo (where my rabbit’s wheels come from) and a CB2 (where Michelle is dying to test the pictured couch).

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!