It seriously gets harder and harder to write a well versed post the further you get from the last one you have written.  There has been plenty to write about, however there has also been plenty of excuses why I haven’t been more disciplined in documenting our life’s adventures.  It’s true, the excitement of our wedding has died down, but I still haven’t blogged about the wedding recaps I promised.  Even if it’s old news to our reading community, I need to force myself to compile detailed and intimate entries about projects, emotions, and vendor shout outs.  The fact is that it is quite awesome so relive what you were doing over these past 2 years by simply clicking on specific post.  So, a journal log of what this blog was intended for is obviously a must. If you’re interested in my storytelling of how our wedding went, hold me to my above promise.

In other news, starting with the most recent and working my way backwards, I turned 27 yesterday! There once was a 24-25 year old that didn’t believe in wishing facebook birthdays, but I’ll admit, making my date of birth public on social media made my day even more special.  Thank you to everyone that took the time to type on my wall a very simple wish, that text me, called me, hugged me, took to me to dinner, etc. Oh yea, and thanks to Danny Briere for jump starting the Flyer’s huge comeback with two goals for the birthday girl!

On April 1, 2012 my sister and brother-in-law welcomed their new addition, Lucas Scott.  The pure happiness and love that filled the room after his birth was something I haven’t felt since our wedding day.  It’s a high I wish could be bottled for future use.  Thankfully, I can watch the video over and over again that Uncle Ben recorded while we got to meet and hold him for the first time.  No video posting though, as we may have ownership, we do not own the rights, it’s a pretty personal video.  What we do have that is shareable is a preview of shots from our favorite photographers, m2. Enjoy his perfectness, I do!

On February 27, 2012 I started my training for my third annual run of Broad Street.  For all the people who did not get a bib, I feel guilty saying this, but this year has been my worst training efforts ever.  I will still run, hopefully not walk too much, to the finish line on May 6th, but it would be miraculous if I beat my previous times.  I can’t wait for my sister to be my running partner again! She makes it so much more fun or at least there is the accountability factor with a competitive edge.

I was doing that whole chronological date thing, but it was so long ago I don’t remember the date.  Sometime in February after the baby shower, before training started, I promised Ben that I would do something for myself.  One Sunday I did just that, with Ben’s assistance of course.  He willingly came to the fabric store with me and helped me pick out fabric to recover our kitchen chairs.  Most of you know about the sweet deal we got on the furniture that was already living in our house when we bought it. (Here’s a quickie if you need it.)  I guess the previous owners got first dibs at the “As-Is” section, so they needed some TLC.  And not to mention when your husband comes in from rolling around in the garage and forgetfully sits on the white cushions. So here is the first thing I decided to do for myself and you get the step by step tutorial.

Step 1:
Strip off the old fabric and remove any staples. Cut the new fabric, with pinking shears preferably to reduce fray, roughly the shape of the seat leaving about a 2-3 inch border to be able to have enough room for staples.


Step 2:
Make weird facial expression since this is in fact the first time you’re attempting this and wonder where you should put the first staple.

Step 3:
I decided that stapling the four corners would be best to make sure the fabric was being pulled equally taut in each direction.


Step 4: (sorry for lack of pics)
Continue stapling by adding one or two staples to the middle of one side.  Repeat on the parallel side. (This helps to make sure the fabric is pulled evenly) Repeat on the remaining two edges.

Step 5:
Next, work on the corners.  I had to try a couple different ways to fold that made the cleanest edge.  Make sure your partner is patient or you communicate when you are ready for a staple.  I thought I was going to have my fingers stapled by accident, my own meticulous fault.  Don’t be afraid to go staple happy either, we sure weren’t.  Just be prepared to make a Home Depot run when you’re out, Ben had to.

Step 6:
Make sure there is no bulky fabric that doesn’t allow the seat to sit flush.  Hack away if there is.  No worries, no one will see the underneath.

Step 7:
Step back and admire your hard work.

Step 8:
Add Cadence to the shot.

I do not claim to be an expert upholsterer (I googled to make sure that was correct), but we did successfully recover our kitchen chairs and we are pretty darn proud of them!