Why do people thank God when it’s Friday? Sure I guess you could say that he invented Friday and could even stretch it and say that he causes the Earth to rotate and thus brings our local geography into Friday, but who cares? It’s our damn fault that we schedule 4 days of work before each Friday.

Anyway… thanks to God, it’s another Friday and we’ve seen quite a few previous Fridays since my last blog post. I’ve been busy with the usual random adventures and took some time today to assemble a decently composed pictorial summary. It seems like Winter is uncharacteristically flying by this year, and I’m surely not complaining. The snowboarding sucks this year, but we rarely have time to ride anyway so boo-freaking-hoo.

The scary thing about having such a mild Winter, is that all my nerdy bicycle friends have been out enjoying hundreds of training miles. I, of course, have not been training at all, and with racing season only a few weeks away, find myself thousands of miles behind in fitness. I’ve been out riding a bit, but haven’t spent nearly enough time in the pain cave.

And when I do get a good workout in, my recovery nutrition hasn’t exactly been well planned.

Meh, maybe I’ll wake up and train tomorrow. The more important thing is that our 2012 race kits are now in production.  At least I’ll look fast.

Further to the whole looking fast thing. I finished re-building that old motorcycle I picked up back in January. Here’s the before and after:

It’s nice to have that finished since I’m now really trying to get the rabbit ready for the Summer show season. I’ve made some really good progress lately with hopes of at least getting the motor into the car and having it run and drive. The good news, is that I’ve finally finished re-building the braking and steering systems so the car now stops when you press the pedal and turns when you spin the wheel. Amazing I know.

Not to be out done, the house insisted on remaining project numbero uno. As you may remember, our house is rather old and with that, is also rather out-dated. One really bad area was our attic insulation, or more specifically the absence of any. Therefore, for the past 55 years our attic has essentially been heated which causes problems with the roof whenever it snows. We’ve been lucky this year, but last years snowmageddon caused plenty of ice dams which wreak havoc on our old roof. The solution? Blown-in insulation from our friends at the depot! Now I know what you’re thinking, “Why didn’t you just lay your insulation?”

It was silly cheap to have them do it. Plus we’re stimulating the economy. And I just didn’t feel like it.

Unfortunately, we did still have to clean out the attic before the job. The previous owners of the house left old blinds, pieces of wood trim, and a bucket of lead paint up there which we didn’t want covered in insulation. Safety tip #1 is to protect your lungs when working in the attic (especially with a can of lead paint) so I loaded up on safety equipment.

Michelle was in charge of holding the trash bag near the door while I crawled around in the attic. She wentInsurgent Housewife with her safety equipment.

After crawling around up there for only an hour or so I was pretty damn glad we paid someone else to do the real job. The pros stopped by a few days later and now our house is like a fluffy pink thermos.

That pretty much brings us up to this week. Michelle and I had a fong-due Valentines dinner on Sunday

and a nice relaxed home made dinner with Cadence on Valentines day.

Thank God it’s Friday!