Obviously, I am eating the words I previously posted that I would have all the time in the world to blog.  The hustle and bustle of the holidays then planning a baby shower for the Rockstar in my sister’s belly kept me quite busy.

If you know me well, it’s quite an understatement when I say I love details.  I am quite obsessive which is great for the outcome, but is probably slowly taking years off my life more than I will admit.  Creating cohesive and tasteful events has become a passion since planning our wedding… and it all starts with the invitation.

(I apologize for it being fuzzy.)

I gathered inspiration from invitations on the internet, whipped together my mock up in Microsoft Publisher, and begged Uncle Obscene to transfer to Photoshop for printing crispness since I am PS inept.  He happily did it and they turned out beautifully.  All 100 postcards free courtesy of Vistaprint deals! Now what to do with the 66 leftover…

With 47 yes RSVPs, I of course questioned my ability to comfortably fit that many people in our house. I still don’t know how it worked out, but it did, thanks to multiple mom, sister, and me floor plans.

Aquarium provided by HD Moods Deluxe.

Additional seating was available upstairs as well.

Being the overly frugal person I am, when it came to decorations, they had to do double duty! Baby clothes are too adorable not to buy, so my mom and I did just that and hung them on clotheslines to double as baby shower decor.

I purchased a Baby Boy Nursery scrapbook paper tablet. Cost with a Michael’s 50% off = $10.  With that I made, bunting that hung on curtain rods, a mobile that hung above the gift table, and a sign for the front door.  All the other materials used to make those things were left over from the wedding, score!

I made this yarn wreath for the door and when I packaged it up for Heather to take home, she was quite happy to get to hang it on their little man’s nursery door.  I am not sure why she was thinking I was going to keep it…

My nephew is going to have two very crafty aunts! Ryan’s sister helped with decorations too, making the tissue poms poms and this adorable diaper bike.

Besides feeding the guests, I suppose there is the obligation to keep them entertained.  Keeping with the clothesline theme scheme, we hung baby pictures of Heather and Ryan.  If only we had a morphed picture of the two of them to post…

I stole these from the internet as well and made them my own with the help of Publisher again.  No Photoshop required.

We placed them at each table setting for the guests to fill out and then hang on… wait for it, wait for it…
… a clothesline!

I do not like to be tacky, but I certainly can’t deny being cheesy, so games were in order.  Guess how many inches Heather’s belly measured around, take the diaper pin of whomever said the words cute, baby, or boy, and lastly guess how many goldfish were in the baby bottle.
Go ahead, take a guess…

Heather opened LOTS of gifts, including these fortune cookie slippers from my mother-in-law. (I think that’s the first time I blogged that without ‘future’ in front of it!)

While Heather made her way through piles of gifts, we served some of this

(Thank you, Kristin!)

and when all was unwrapped, prizes awarded, and millions of gracious thank you’s exchanged, we sent our guests home with…
(a few batches later and joint efforts)
(made by Rockstar’s great-nanny)

In the end, all the stress leading up to the shower was totally worth it and I can add another successful planned party to my books! I guess its like childbirth though, you eventually forget about the pain once its over. HAHA- I’ll ask Heather about that one in about 7 weeks.  I can’t wait to meet my nephew!

*Thank you, Steph, for taking so many pictures!!

**636 goldfish in case you were wondering.