It’s 2012! To celebrate the end of b’ak’tun (5,125 year Mesoamerican cycle) and the forthcoming apocalypse, Michelle and I are taking our newly married energy and conquering the year just like a pair of Spanish explorers thirsty for the fountain of youth.

That aught to show those silly Mayans what’s up!

Anyway, speaking of the end of the world – The Flyers are having a great season and it was 60F this past weekend. We kicked things off with another edge of the seat Flyers game courtesy of Santa Claus. These are typically my uncle’s season pass seats, but once or twice a year we get to sit here, and Thursday night treated us to an awesome Flyers game winning goal with only 30 seconds left!

As I mentioned earlier, it was downright hot this past weekend. So hot that Michelle suggested we take the bikes out.    In the outdoors.    In January.    Michelle.

The hotness part #2 came Saturday night in the form of M2 Photography‘s new studio rager. The first words of any conversion related to our wedding are often “we loved your photos so much!” so take note, brides-to-be. M2 = awesome photography and months later you get to drink all their liquor. Michelle’s baked potato dip was a hit although it took me 4 tries to describe it correctly.

Proper photo documentation is likely to follow soon on M2’s blog. Until then, here’s a sneak peek:

Finally, on Sunday I was driving through Philly and spotted this stencil. It was awesome.