Thanks yo!

It’s been a busy holiday weekend, and discerning readers  may have already noticed a big change in our Two Lovebirds tag-line. It’s true, we did get another bike. I picked up this cross bike for Michelle on our way down to NJ for Thanksgiving. Like most of her bikes, it’s sparkling clean and too big for me, but we’re hoping to get some mud on it soon.

Thanksgiving was the typical mix of driving, football, family, and crunchy stuffing. We hadn’t seen my family since the wedding so it was great to catch up and re-live the excitement. It still amazes me when cousins, aunts, uncles, and the Bo say how much they enjoyed it. Not that I don’t believe them, I’m just really honored to have been part of putting together such a great family event. On a side note, I also found out that I am in fact, the tallest grandchild. In your face, Bella!

Nothing too crazy for us on Black Friday this year, although we did get stuck in Walmart traffic driving home Thursday night. Friday morning I met Patrick in Phoenixville for a post-turkey ride. He must have skipped the gravy because he spent the next two hours destroying me on some of Chester County’s meanest climbs. Michelle and I made it out for the bit of shopping, but couldn’t quite concentrate as we were unsure how the present on the top of our lists was going to work out.

We’ve wanted a dog for so many years, and finally have the means to take care of one. Weeks of PetFinder searches later, we found a rescue Pitbull terrier mix in Delaware county. She has been living with an amazing foster family for nearly half a year, but for different reasons never found a permanent home. Michelle and I both spend too much time at work, so we wanted an adult dog that wouldn’t mind us gone during the day. Also, it never hurts to have a dog come pre-housetrained. So after lots of discussion, planning, and meetings we completed the paperwork and took her home Saturday afternoon. Without further adieu, I’m pleased to introduce our two year old Pitbull, Cadence:



The rest of the weekend is pretty much dog this and dog that. I’m really glad we had a few days to slowly introduce her to the house and our lives. Cadence gets pretty excited with new things, so we wanted to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Later Saturday night, we gave Cadence some quiet time and went out ice skating with the team. Scrapbooking night is next weekend.

Sunday morning was more fierce Sunnybrook winter training and featured French cow milk cheese, an Italian sheep’s milk cheese with truffles, and two local varieties accompanied by the best out of season fruit ever.

Fill in the rest of Sunday with more doggy playtime and a crappy Eagles game.