Is the good life better than the life I live
When I thought that I was gonna go crazy
And now my grandmama ain’t the only girl calling me baby
And if you feeling’ me now then put your hands up in the sky
And let me hear you say hey, hey, hey, ooh
I’m good


*For the full effect, please imagine I’ve written the rest of this post in auto-tune.

So where did we leave off? Ah yes, the wedding. It was pretty good, right? I certainly enjoyed it. In case you missed it, or just want to confirm we’re talking about the same wedding, please don’t hesitate to view the pictures and slideshow featured on M2 Photography’s blog. While you’re there, you might as well look at the engagement photos again too. But what happens to a wedding blog after the wedding? – the same thing that happens to the bride and groom!

They get old and boring They live happily ever after!

This time in our lives is what you might call “the intermezzo” – a sweet mango sorbet that cleanses the palate of that caesar salad wedding and stimulates the appetite for the filet mignon of life ahead. Other people just call it the honeymoon phase. Either way, it’s not bad living. Since returning from the Poconos, we’ve been able to clean out more of the yard and trim back fifty years of ivy, re-organize the basement and garage, eat dinner out at restaurants again, and even have a little fun between our legs.

For our second Halloween at the house, we skipped the parties to stay home and watch bad tv. I’m pleased to announce though that this year we had our very first trick-or-treaters! Two of them! I credit my excellent knife work in carving a friendly bear pumpkin.

Really the only scary part of Halloween was over the weekend when I pulled apart the 31 year old rear brakes on the rabbit.

Shortly following the ghouls and goblins, of course, was our trip down to Cabo to celebrate the wedding our friends, Chris and Barette. I think the sunny, warm weather was just what Michelle needed, and a healthy dose of old friends sorted me out too. We’re left with quickly fading tans, and I still haven’t put my suitcase away, but sun rises like this are freaking awesome.

As I mentioned earlier, we’ve also been able to tackle a lot of the household projects we’ve been putting off. Michelle has officially betrayed Fern Gully and cut down the jungle of ivy and dead trees surrounding our house. I get a weird mix of love and fear when I see her eyes light up in cruel satisfaction as she chainsaws limb after limb off the old trees. However, I can’t think of many morning greetings that remind me I’m married more than “So are we going to put that toilet in today?”

This photo was staged, but trust me, that old toilet was heavy. Don’t worry though, we donated it to the curb and someone is probably using it right now (in their home, not the curb). As if by some miracle, the new toilet is installed, connected, and flushing deposits up to 13 golf balls in size.

Yup, married life ain’t bad.