…for now.
In the beginning  of August, in the midst of recovering from an unknown virus, wedding planning, training for the guts and glory 5k (yes, trying to run 3.1 miles was defeating at this point), I got the best surprise since our engagement.  Heather, my sister and matron of honor, called me over her house to give me a gift before my first dress fitting.  With the dress fitting the following week and the bachelorette party in two weeks, I selfishly assumed it was something for one of the two.  I sat on the couch and proceeded to open a gift bag and pulled this out.


My reaction was caught on camera (sorry I do not have those pictures to post) as my eyes filled with tears and I blurted out, “REALLY!?!?!”   Congratulatory hugs, kisses, and belly rubs were in order.

My first duty as Auntie Chelle was to catch my mom’s reaction on video.  FAIL… I got overly excited and double pushed the record button and only captured the first second.  Anyways, it went a little something like this:  This guy

came strutting out of the kitchen wearing a ‘I’m going to be a Big Brother’ t-shirt.  Mom aka Nona instantly noticed and did the typical Tonya happy dance followed by shrieks of joy and hugs so tight the baby probably felt it.  Dad aka Pop pop found out the day before, but his reaction, so we were told, was not so instantaneous.  Maybe it was because it was Sammy’s first time showing off his new t-shirt, but Pop pop just thought Heather and Ryan were getting another dog.  Finally when the  light bulb went on, I am pretty sure its safe to assume he is much more ecstatic by the latter revelation.

Not knowing whether they were having a boy or girl at this point, Ryan was secretly hoping for a boy and I had a feeling that his wish was going to come true.  The name Rockstar you wonder?  I’m not really sure, but Ryan started it and it stuck with me.  Rockstar will be the first grandchild in our family and Ryan’s, so this kid is going to be spoiled and I can’t wait!  Oh yea, that’s right, I didn’t wait to start the spoiling.  Going with my gut that it was going to be a boy, I went out and bought this:

Rockstar clothes courtesy of Kohl’s

So after successfully keeping the secret for 6 weeks, waiting another 15 to confirm they were having a boy, I would like to make my now obvious BIG announcement, Heather and Ryan are expecting a little boy due on March 27th, 2012!!!! I cannot be happier for the two of them and I cannot wait to meet my nephew!  And I should mention, the due date is Ben’s birthday. Awesome!