Thanks to our WordPress stat keeper, I have noticed one or more people have been checking the blog for some updates.  Well, get ready, we’re back!  We got married, we honeymoon-ed, and we are back from Cabo where we witnessed the marriage of this couple.

I would like to say that we officially now have all the time in the world to blog… I am so eager to re-live all that has happened in the past few weeks, including full wedding recaps.  We are still waiting on the rest of our professional photos from Michael and Melissa over at M2, but I won’t rush them, their work is priceless and they have already given us this preview.   While we wait for the photos to do the recaps there are a few things we will be able to keep you occupied with: our Eagles Mere honeymoon, our trip to Cabo, and a BIG announcement (no, we are not expecting)!!!

Side note:  It’s this guy’s birthday!!  Happy Birthday, Dad! We love you!