9 days, 5 hours, and 11 minutes give or take a few seconds.

Excited? I know, me too. It’s been one hell of a 550 days, 4 hours, and 22 minutes – Many days and nights filled with vendor meetings, long reviews of the budget, paper crafting, photoshopping, and tough decision making. It’s amazing now to see everything coming together. The realization of Michelle’s vision for the wedding is a pretty awesome thing when you see it in person (especially if you’ve ever tried to make sense of her creative process). As usual though, we’ve had plenty of other action too in the past few months.

I enjoyed phase 1 of my bachelor party (the idea here is to hit the bottle off the ski pole with the novelty flying disk):

We were measured and fitted for tuxedos:

Michelle also had her bachelorette party and brought me home a decoration for the garage:

It rained a lot (pictured is the bicycle trail):

We had a dance party with little kids:

We had a dance party with big kids:

The rabbit rolls on tires now (but unfortunately won’t be making it to the wedding):

Cyclocross season started:

Ben and Cait got married:

We successfully surprised Michelle with a shower at her own house:

Phase 2 of the bachelor party:

And finally phase 3 this past weekend:


Can’t wait to see everyone next week!