It was not easy getting out of bed this morning. Not that it ever is come Monday, but today I was freaking beat. It was the good tired though; felt from long and adventurous summer weekends rather than blood born pathogens or adverse drug reactions. “Today is a new day!” I exclaimed to the lassies who come with my Irish Spring Sport soap. “Mehhhhhhh” was the only reaction that came from the head lassie still sleeping in the bedroom. Hopefully she’s up by now and pointy elbow deep in some wedding crafts with her sister. I’m also hoping it won’t take much convincing to get one of her signature heartfelt and well written blog posts this week, since I know she’s got plenty of exciting things to share.

Meanwhile, you’ll just have to make due with the nerdy shit I got into this weekend.

Bright and early Saturday morning we started yet another wedding project. This one is better for me though as it involves both father-of-the-bride Steve and a whole collection of power tools.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to help all day since Saturday night was also the Iron Hill race in West Chester. I left Steve with two much prettier and more helpful assistants and headed out to team headquarters to get loaded up.

I’d love to give you a nice epic race report for what most consider the biggest amateur race of the year, but unfortunately the race is filled with amateurs like myself and we all just fell down. My warm-up lasted exactly twice as long as my race.. On the plus side though –  Byron finished well, I didn’t scratch my face,  and we had tons of awesome people and one best man come out to support the team.

Sunday morning was our highly anticipated engagement shoot with M2 Photography. The location was so top secret, they blindfolded me and threatened to photoshop hair on my legs if I ever squealed the address.

And finally, last night Jamie and I started welding the rabbit! Once we get a couple holes welded up, it’s body work and then paint!