Regretfully, my absence as a meaningful contributor to our little slice of internet heaven has become increasingly apparent over this past month. I’ve also noticed that my wedding related content has been lacking, and while we have both seen our schedules become increasingly cluttered, we have actually made some good progress on this whole wedding planning adventure.

Currently our main focus involves many pieces of colorful paper, lots of careful measurements, hours of photoshop, and coming up with clever ways to find out what you’re eating or not eating (*hint – special animal friendly surprises). The invitations have taken on a life of their own, and may end up being a hallmark of our wedding celebration. I’m genuinely excited to help Michelle complete her paper masterpieces and  can’t wait to lick 80 stamps and share them (and my cooties) with our guests.

I have also finally secured and confirmed the four horsemen of the apocalypse wedding party that will fly as my wingmen during the ceremony and to the end of the world (which I think got rescheduled to mid October anyway). I won’t be writing the tear jerker Michelle provided for her bridesmaids, but do want to acknowledge them and at least increase their internet footprint:

Kris –  My brother from the same mother! He knows me for who I am and won’t hesitate a second to tell me if I’m faking. Unless of course I’m faking some made up identity or story at a party to convince people he’s my twin or my name’s Xavier, in which case he’ll run with it.

Brian – My roommate, neighbor, and the only person who appreciates internet memes as much as I do. When the tiger hunting trip goes bad, he’ll be the one to tell the story…     again.

Ben – My trusted business partner and adviser. Everyone’s favorite Hebrew. A testament (the old one) to classic rock and the mystic bond of brotherhood.

Mike – My brother from the God-mother! From first in the bucket to first to grab you a beer from the cooler, he’s been an honorary Fong brother since day one.. just with chest hair (also since day one) and muscles.


And now, what would a blog post be without pictures? Here’s a small collection from this past month:


Thank you!