Remember that post almost a year ago??? I know, I know…. I have been failing pretty terribly at this.  I would like to take this time to catch everyone up.

-April 3rd marked one year of engagement for us.  I think the not so fixed Easter date threw everyone off.
-Both Ben and I celebrated our birthday’s and turned the age that we will say:  “we got married when we were 26.”
-I celebrated my last birthday as the name written on my birth certificate.
-Tomorrow will mark 6 calendar month until our wedding day!
-Our rec room has become a tornado of DIY projects.

Yea, that’s pretty much it, in a nutshell.

Did you think I was going to leave it at that?  No way, I owe our blog and our readers more than that.

This blog post is dedicated to my BRIDESMAIDS!  Soon after we got engaged Ben and I started thinking about our wedding party.  We are both blessed to be surrounded by great family and friends that we easily could have had a huge wedding party, but we both wanted to keep it smaller.  My easiest decision was of course my matron of honor.  Yes, I will be honest, it is by sibling default, but our sisterly relationship is what makes the choice so special.  Really, her wedding and my wedding have brought us closer than ever before.  I could have stopped there and let everyone else off the hook, but I wouldn’t be the person I am or able to love Ben like I do if it weren’t for the group of girls I picked.  The hardest part was deciding where to draw the line.  There have been many people that have helped shape our relationship and just because some of my girlfriends aren’t wearing the same dress as my maids, doesn’t mean they aren’t special to me.

Without further ado, meet my fab four who will stand beside me as I become Mrs. Obscene!

Heather- Matron of honor, Sister.  She is my older sister that chose me to be the maid of honor at her wedding, so I had to return the favor. (just kidding, mildly.)  Not only do we share genes, we also share a bond that allows us to finish each other’s thoughts without having to even say it out loud.  We share the same core values, but as her husband would say, I am just a lot weirder.  She is the most selfless person I have ever met. Example: “I know next Monday we are doing wedding stuff, but would it be okay if I did a phone interview at 1:45.”  Yes, she asked if she could be excused from wedding crafts to better her career! Who does that????  …and I am keeping my fingers crossed that she is not able to drink at our wedding due to my expected niece or nephew (or both).

Michelle- BM, Best friend since kindergarten.  This girl and I have been through it all together.  She has the closest bond with her whole family (immediate and extended) that I have ever seen.  From the time we were little I have always admired the way her and her family interacted.  I hope to take what I have seen and learned from her family and share it when Ben and I one day start a family.  When Michelle was visiting her Aunt Linda in the hospital, her Aunt Linda’s childhood friend was right by her side.  Michelle told me the story about how she felt they were speaking to each other in their own language.  When her aunt and her aunt’s friend asked Michelle if she was in this situation who would be by her side, she answered ‘Michelle Hogga’.  I hope neither of us will be put in that situation, but I know we have unspoken vows with each other- ’till death do us part.’

Julie- BM, Sorority sister.  Our paths probably would have never crossed if it wasn’t for the great sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon!  Yes, we are united by a bond through ritual and experience, but our friendship is way stronger than any urban dictionary could define.  Julie is my ray of sunshine.  She will bend over backwards for those she loves.  We share an ‘honesty is the best policy’ motto.   I know I can trust her to tell me the truth in any scenario.  If my hair doesn’t look good on my wedding day, she will be the one to come forth and say it before we leave the salon. For this attribute, I love her dearly!

Danielle- BM, Sorority sister.  Danielle and I, too, share a bond ignited by Delta Phi Epsilon.  Sorority aside, Danielle became my partner in crime during college since we lived together, were in the same major, and had every class together.  If I were lesbian, I would move to a state where I would be allowed to legally marry this girl, isn’t that enough said as to why I chose her?  She is the clumsiest sober and drunk person I have ever met.  She has the ability to make every situation fun and bring out the best in every experience.  On our wedding day you will find her at the bar, on the dance floor, or dancing on the bar.

These girls have been the best support system anyone could ever ask for.  I look forward to my wedding day morning/afternoon with these girls the most.  I kind of feel like I am captain planet and they are my planeteers.  When their forces combine, I am complete!