Quite often you’ll hear people say 30 is the new 20. In fact, you’ll quite often hear people say a lot of things which don’t really make sense but we smile and  go along with it to avoid hurting their feelings. Is 26 the new 16? Or are we just giving ourselves another ten years to get it right? (or put it off depending on what “it” is)

Regardless of what age your current age now correlates to, mine just increased by one, (assuming a linear age correlation factor) and I’m home from work today feeling the first effects of it. No, I’m not hungover from some quarter century send-off; I’m home sick with some kind of throat infection. Could this be the first signs of old age?

Anyway, I probably got sick out in San Francisco, which is where I spent last weekend. Work sent me out there for an asthma conference as our executive supervisor of exhibit hall hand shaking and package insert distribution channel management boss supervisor. Luckily, I was able to arrange for early morning transportation and arrived in SF with Friday afternoon free. I had also reserved a bicycle rental through Blazing Saddles SF with the plan of riding across the Golden Gate Bridge and up the Pacific coastline. Un-luckily, I arrived just in time to enjoy a weekend of torrential downpours and ice cold winds.

Determined to make the most of my Californian adventure, I set off to Blazing Saddles, picked up the bike, HTFU’d, and pedaled North towards the bridge.

During a brief time-out to take this picture, I made two key observations. 1, other cyclists in SF don’t like you. 2, nothing can keep buses full of Asian tourists from gathering around and taking pictures of each other doing peace signs.

Safely across but soaking wet, I made the decision to cut the ride short and just grind up a few of the hills near the base of the bridge.

Sufficiently soaked and covered in road grime, I turned around and headed back towards the hotel. It wouldn’t be SF through without a few hill repeats so I took the vertical route on the way back.

The rest of the weekend followed similarly just minus the biking, hills, bridge, and wetness.


Back home safely, I struggled to resume my normal routine and enjoyed Friday as a free day off for my work in SF. I’m not sure how a five day non-stop work binge equals one Friday purge, but that’s how it goes I guess. Starting to feel the effects on my fast approaching old age, I decided to take it easy and enjoy some time in the trails surrounding Valley Forge Park. My crappy mountain bike had other plans though and, through a snapped chain, insisted the afternoon would be better enjoyed at a walking pace.

When my birthday finally arrived, Michelle was happy to remind me that I’m now old and she’s still young. She does it every year, and I wonder if she’ll still jump on the bed singing “I get to be immature for two weeks!” when we’re 80. (she’s two weeks younger than me) Immature or not, she still came through and made a bangarang breakfast Sunday morning, even though she got my omelet order completely wrong..

The Fongs joined us in the afternoon to hang out before the Flyers game. Basically my mom and Michelle reviewed wedding stuff for a hundred hours while my dad and I walked around through the house avoiding any input or responsibility.

We did eventually make it out alive, and found ourselves shopping for outdoor furniture. Michelle and I received a much coveted fire pit for Christmas so we’re hoping to have a nice setup where people  can enjoy a mid-summer’s night IPA and relax after losing another bike race.

“Yup, your fat ass will fit!” – K Fong

She didn’t really say that, but it’s a lot funnier than admitting we measured for seat cushions…

Remember way back when I mentioned Michelle was shopping for new glasses? She still is.

And with that, my birthday adventure concluded with a section full of my favorite mites on ice and a bucket of crab fries.