like I’m the only blog in the world…

Ya it’s been stuck in my head all day. It didn’t help that Michelle and I went to the mall today either (more on that later). It’s been a fun couple of weeks since our last post, and we’re surely due for an update.

Most importantly, you may recall that our most recent post was an entry to win a free photo booth. Well I’m sure you’re all wondering so…

Yes, that’s a bluetooth in my ear.

(and we didn’t win) We did get an honorable mention and second place though so thank you everyone for your support and comments. We’ve also been busy getting the save the dates ready and very happily mailed them out this weekend.

I’ve also been pretty busy the past few weeks getting things ready for my new race team, and our kits for this year arrived yesterday. Michelle and I made the best of the halfway decent weather and took them out for a quick test ride.

Then we went food shopping to get stuff for my favorite new recipe. (I add yellow squash and use half the ricotta cheese)

Things got a little crazy during the prep, and we identified the need for some additional work space. It was raining today so we headed off to Ikea!

We didn’t get anything today, but did find a pretty sweet piece to use as both an island and dinner table.

Continuing on our adventure, it was off to the mall to look for glasses for Michelle. She’s pretty much been shopping for new glasses as long as I’ve known her and maybe even longer. We’re both hoping this year’s the year.