Recently our photographers, M2 Photography, announced a contest for all their hubbies and brides this year. The contest is simple and lets us win a free photobooth at the wedding! All they asked in return was for everyone to email them why they should win. The deadline is today and rather than follow the rules (we’ll probably end up disqualified) I thought “why not submit a blog entry instead since our readers (most of whom are invited) are the ones who get to benefit from the prize!”


So now I just have to organize and assemble all the mumbo jumbo in my head into coherent prose and actually explain why we love photobooths.

First though, let me explain the photobooth offered by M2. Lots of cool kids remember the traditional photobooth from either the boardwalk or a fair that you tried to cram all your annoying friends into and get a small printout of all of you making silly faces. What M2 does is expand the booth into an open seamless white backdrop with studio lighting. This frees you from that awkward decision of which friend gets cut from the picture and who has to sit on who’s lap. The photos are shot by a professional and in high resolution so you can easily print it, frame it, facebook it, or blow it up into a life size cardboard cut out.

So now that you know why this is such a big deal, lets get back to the future. Well actually the past. When we were young and fun, Michelle and I used to take all kinds of crazy pictures.

Every one of these pictures reminds me of a good time had and not one of them had any sort of planning or thought behind them. It was just “hey lets do a tough guy face with the blue knight” and done. I feel that it’s that sort of spontaneity that creates fun in the first place. When you let go of inhibition (it’s even better without liquid courage) and be yourself you’ll find out it’s really not hard at all to have a great time and remember it forever.

On top of that, this photobooth would be at our wedding! With all of you there! Hey lets do a tough guy face with Ben’s grandmother!  Done! She’ll probably do a tough guy face with you or even flash a Janet Jackson. Really nothing short of actually marrying Michelle gets me more excited about the wedding than seeing what kind of crazy pictures our guests can come up with. Sorry florist person, you’ll just have to take a back seat with the cake boss.

Hell, we like the photobooth idea so much that we even tried to do it ourselves at the engagement fiesta. In case you didn’t notice (or were too busy arguing how to pronounce “Tecate”) the black sheet with the sombreros was our photobooth.

“por favor, cabina de fotos para nuestro hijo”

So really that’s about all I have to say. The rest is up to you. Please write in the comments how much you’d like get your picture taken in an M2 photobooth at our wedding or why you think M2 should pick us. I’m going to send them a link to this post, and I’ll be sure to let everyone know if we win!

Thank you!