I guess it’s been a few weekends actually. While things haven’t been terribly exciting, I’d say they’ve at least been productive. We’re now progressing full steam ahead towards the wedding with no looking back now. It hasn’t been easy though, and let me tell you that we’ve been pretty tempted by that little chapel in Vegas more than once..

But what fun would that be? Gilbertsville is where it’s at! Where else can you find places like Zern’s Farmer’s Market?

Anyway, like I said we haven’t been up to too much. That damn groundhog said Spring is right around the corner so I’ve been doing my best to get ready for race season. We have a new team this year and picked up title sponsorship by a local pharmacy. We even have a dot com now too!

So speaking of cycling, we spent last weekend in NJ with my parents to celebrate the year of the rabbit and my dad got out for his first ride of 2011.

We also went out for Italian food to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Michelle and I have also been trying some fun new recipes. I sent this one for turkey meatloaf cupcakes to Michelle during work one afternoon and she insisted we try it. I think they turned out pretty neat.

They taste really good too if you want to give it a shot.

So getting back to wedding news, our save the dates arrived today from the printers. They came out awesome! I’m pretty pleased with how our design came out, even if it took several nights of photoshop fury. I’ll try to get a picture of them in the next post. Finally, as I mentioned before, it’s the Chinese year of the rabbit so hopefully that will bring me good fortune since the save the dates aren’t the only thing with a deadline.