I apologize for not writing a post when I found my wedding dress the first time.  There is an elaborate story behind why I went back to try it on again, but there are some negative emotions surrounding it that I don’t want to relive.  What I do want to relive and share with you was my experience of how I chose my dress, or I should say how my dress was chosen for me.

Two weekends ago I was planning on heading to Jersey to hit a couple bridal shops with my mom and future mother-in-law.  I scoured the websites of the designers that the shops had carried and jotted down some styles I liked.  By this point I had probably tried on about 4o-45 dresses, so I knew what I liked and didn’t like.  However, since Heather didn’t have to work she and my mom had contrived a different agenda to stay local and save jersey for another weekend.  I was fine with the plan so I agreed, but didn’t have any expectations of finding my dress where we were going.  The shop didn’t have a website so I continued with the NJ shops websites only getting through two designers before the work bell rang and I went home.

Saturday morning came and I rounded up my sister and mom to head to Agnes Edmunds in Pottstown.  I have been to the place before when my sister was shopping for prom dresses in 1998.  When we walked in, to my surprise, it was a bit crowded.  Joanne, the store owner, greeted us and told us she would be with us in about 5 minutes.  No problem, we’ve been through this routine before, so I asked her if we could pull some gowns while we waited.  She appallingly looked at us and said, “No, I don’t allow my brides to pull their dress, I present my bridal gowns to the bride.”  Uhhhh… ok….  So we looked through the racks of bridemaids dresses as we waited.

The hustle and bustle of the shop died down a bit and Joanne came over to us and asked me what I was looking for.  I explained every detail that I liked and didn’t like about dresses.  I even said I would like something “weird.”  That word got a puzzled look out of the women that would be helping me into the dresses, but not Joanne.  Joanne went behind the closet doors that were hiding all the bridal gowns and pulled out the first dress. I nodded with a smile that I would love to try on the dress she picked for me.  I came out of the dressing room with nothing bad to say about the dress as I had with every other dress in the past.  She said ok, well, we will try on another.

Four dresses later with something I didn’t like about each, she told me to try on the first dress again.  Meanwhile, when I was in the dressing room trying on the other dresses Heather had a photo shoot session with the first dress.  I came out in it again and then she had a photo shoot sesh with me in the dress.  Put this veil on, put that veil on… I put a cathedral length veil on that felt that I was in a mosquito net. People were swarming around me, familiar and unfamiliar, and then Joanne asked, “is this the dress?!”  I blurted out, “I think so!”   Then comes the realization of the price tag.  No one asked me my budget nor did I ever see the tag.  When my sister was near me snapping shots, I asked her with doubt in my voice how much the dress was.  She quickly responded and I shrieked with excitement that it was in budget. 

I took off the dress, put back on my clothes, started my texting furry with a pic of me in the dress, and handed over my debit card to secure my deposit on the dress. Holy shit- that all happened really fast!

Over lunch, we had the conversation of how my sister and mom knew it was the dress for me before I committed myself to it.  Hence the photo shoot Heather had while I tried on other dresses.   She said she knew from my smile and the way I carried myself in the dress.  They also told me about the man in the front of the shop waiting for his wife and daughter said the first dress I tried on was it and that I was going to pick that one.

Looking back on it, I got to have my own Kleinfeld experience!  Yea, Randy was still missing, but Joanne was an awesome stand in as she listened to what I wanted and picked my dress that I will wear on my wedding day!  Extra bonus that I’m sure New York doesn’t offer- alterations are included.  Hell yes!  With 41 years experience, this women really knows what she’s doing!

The whole weekend rounded out pretty awesome with Sunday’s save the date photos as you have (or can) read from the picture perfect post.  I went into work on Monday morning with butterflies in my stomach thinking I made a haste decision on my wedding dress choice.  But, as I sat down at my desk the paper with the dress style numbers on it from the Friday before was laying there.  I had only gotten through two designers from the NJ shops didn’t know what designers Agnes Edmunds carried.  Yep, my dress was one the two designers and double yep, my dress was one of the four style numbers I wrote down from that designer. I had found my dress and that sealed the deal! well, for the time being….

Longer story shortened, I went back yesterday and had a one-on-one with my dress and didn’t want to take it off and said yes to the dress…. again.

Sorry for the lack of eye candy (pictures). If Ben really wanted to see the dress there are plenty of places he could look to sneak a peek, but I am not going to blatantly post them on our joint blog!