It’s funny how sometimes the easiest decisions seem to turn into the hardest before you notice. For us, the easiest wedding decision to make was by far to focus on getting the absolute best photographer possible. Michelle and I have each had our own love of photography for many years now, but I think for both of us it’s the way a picture can capture that instant moment of emotion and make it last forever.

I think we’ve done it though and have booked not one, but a tag team duo of amazing photographers. We met Michael and Melissa a couple weeks ago after work and instantly felt like they were on the same page as us (that rarely happens with anyone).

On a quick side note, when we first met with Michael he asked us what we did for a living. I responded that I work in sales for a small pharmaceutical company. I guess I must have still been in work mode, because he had to stop in the middle of talking and let me know that I was sitting too attentively and seriously. I know I’m guilty of leaving the worst saleman type voicemails when calling friends and family, but do I ever come off too salesman when we’re just hanging out?

Anyway, I quickly apologized for being a stiff and we had a great time just talking about photos and weddings and life and IKEA. I think IKEA furniture might be just below photography on Michelle’s favorite “art” list, and like us, they had a full collection. So after all that, we’re pleased to announce that we have official wedding photographers! You can learn more about M2 Photography at their website!

Now that the hard part is taken care of things should be pretty smooth from here right?

Currently on the burner we’re working on getting save the dates (more on that later) out as soon as possible, selecting musical entertainment, and planning out invitations.

It’s also getting closer to racing season so I’ve been trying to squeeze in some training time on the bike in between work, meetings, and of course blogging.

I told Jamie to make a tough guy face, but I guess that’s about as tough as he gets when it’s freezing and we’ve been getting sprayed with sleet and road grime for hours.

The snow hasn’t been all bad though, as Michelle and I visited one of our favorite spots this afternoon to try and get some save the date photos. It’s been a long time since I took pictures with more than blogs or Volkswagens in mind, and spending the afternoon just having fun with it was awesome. We’re hoping to try this again in the Spring for our engagement session (with M2), but here’s some of what we came up with today:

see you next time!