The wedding date is official!  We picked the venue and booked the date.  Now the time-line of when to get things done and deadlines are more than real. tells me there are 267 days to go until October 14th, 2011.  There are 484 items to-do on our checklist, 64 of which are overdue.  Stressed? a little, but not because a website is telling me I am falling behind.  Some of the things do not pertain to our wedding day or how things will go.  I am more overwhelmed with how many details go into planning THE wedding day.  Not only that, you are in competition with every other couple that is marrying on 10.14.2011.  *gasp* Yes, its true, it may be “YOUR” day, but other people will be tying the knot that day too. So, getting the things that other people may want as well booked are essential sooner than later– the photographer and DJ being our focus right now.  Ben and I know what we want and want it for the best price to stay on a reasonable budget, so the search is on.  I think the time and energy we have spent thus far on everything is going smoothly.  I am an organization freak and thrive on Excel sheets, charts, lists, folders, tabs, etc. for keeping everything in check.

We are focusing on the things that would book up first and that can only do one event a day.  Venue- booked.  Photographer- almost there. We are doing our homework to prove we are getting the best price for what we want. DJ- this is Ben’s department. We had a meeting with one and we liked them, but again it’s important to do your homework, so a final decision has not been made.

Other to-do items that have to get accomplished pretty soon is saying yes to the dress.  I popped my wedding dress cherry last weekend with my mom, sister (the matron of honor), future mother-in-law, and Julie (bridesmaid). The only person missing was this guy. (Haha, yes, I would totally love to see what Randy would pull for me!)  I won’t be posting any pictures of me in any white dresses because Ben and I are upholding the tradition of not seeing each other beforehand.

Next on the agenda are “save the dates.”  I like all the DIY stationery inspiration I have come across while stalking people’s wedding blogs and, so naturally we plan on creating and executing these ourselves while hopefully saving a few bucks.  I had some free time today to try to put together a mock save the date.  Well, I am definitely not computer savvy and don’t know how to whip something up with Photoshop or Illustrator like Ben does.  I got creative and opened up MS Paint to try to construct something for Ben to visually see and edit with all his computer magic.  We’ll see if Ben gets my vision or if we’ll have to start from scratch. However, you’ll just have to wait to see…