The party was a great success and I was on a high for the whole next day. I was filled with contentment, love, and peace.  I thought we would be able to kick our feet up and glide our way right to Christmas after the party was over.  Its been almost 2 weeks since the party and I feel like I am on a zip line to the hecticness (is that even a word) that Christmas day brings.  My stress level has been mounting with everything we have been trying to accomplish.

Christmas shopping is not complete and now its and fight with the crowds and reckless drivers.  Thankfully, Ben is out now trying to get some things taken care of.  I am pretty disappointed in my gifts this year too (bought and made)… I know its technically not to late, but I can’t afford rush shipping and I unfortunately underestimated the amount of time my homemade gifts would take.

Work is anything but jolly right now. At least one of us is happy with our current career paths.  Ben’s mood has been quite different since starting his new position- it’s been quite a joy- they really are treating him rather nice there.  I am happy for him.  I shouldn’t complain too much, right? I am getting paid to make a blog post and search all things wedding related.

While wedding stuff is still on the table… no, still no date. We are almost there, I swear. There is just a very pricey venue decision to be made.  And to forecast which date will bring us the best weather. Picking out of a hat may be the next option.

Well, if the stress isn’t gone by December 28th, I am sure this will be a great stress reliever!

…and my 13 day vacation starting December 23rd.  I wish I could fast forward with still getting everything accomplished.