Making lists is something I am quite fond of and do very well.   Our life is pretty full of lists right now too! …Grocery list, party-to-do list, guest list, wedding venue pros and cons list, Christmas list…  I feel pretty cool, calm, and collected about each and every one of our concurrent lists, but I guess that’s why I make them.

Grocery List:
This list is a never ending battle!  I hate grocery shopping, so getting that list complete is always a struggle, but nevertheless a very important one.

Party-to-do List:
Our housewarming party is just four days away! This list changes the most. Things are getting crossed off at the same rate something else gets put on it.  Well, I also have the tendency to re-write lists and re-organize what I just organized- some call it OCD.  Anyway, the house is furnished, decorated, and only a few more final touches are needed before we open our door for everyone to see.  I don’t want to spoil the reveal, but here are a few sneak peeks.

Our bar almost ready for serving drinks.

The ‘spoon canvas’ that I made from a blank canvas, fabric, ribbon, and
Anthropology measuring spoons that were a gift.

Getting everything done that we have accomplished has definitely been a team effort.  The most recent effort is from Ben’s parents that made the trip last Saturday morning and stayed till late Sunday night.  They helped us cross a lot of things off our list that we wouldn’t be able to do ourselves, including the curtains that Ben’s mom sewed for us.

The Guest List:
We pretty much invited everyone we know, so we might as well get married on Sunday since everyone will be there to celebrate!

The Wedding Venue List:
A request, more like a demand, made by Heather to write a post about the two venues we saw now two weeks ago was on my mental list, but I am not getting around to crossing that off till now.  Since then, we have seen both places twice and a tough decision lies ahead of us.  Heather and my mom helped make a pro and con list for Bear Creek Mountain Resort and La Massaria at Bella Vista.  Visually it helps to see the pros and cons, but they are balancing each other out and with dwindling availability for next fall we still have yet to make a decision.  To add another venue to the list, which I plan on adding to my pro and con spreadsheet, Ben and I are going to see the Cork Factory Hotel Ballroom tomorrow.

Cork Factory Hotel Ballroom
Lancaster, PA


Mountain Ballroom at Bear Creak Mountain Resort
Macungie, PA

(personal photo)

La Massaria at Bella Vista
Gilbertsville, PA

(personal photo)

Christmas List:
Christmas is one of my favorite times of year.  I love seeing the looks on everyone’s faces as they open up their gifts.  Speaking of looks on people’s faces, I wish someone could have gotten a picture of mine when I was surprised with this:

It was like Christmas morning when I walked outside and found my car as Rudolph.  I have been wanting this since last year and Ben surprised me with it!  Unfortunately, I had an antler casualty on my way to work yesterday.  I may have to invest in a new one I love it so much.
I have started my shopping and even my homemade gifts that I have seemed to make a yearly tradition.  Sorry, no pictures though until the recipients receive their’s.

Here is a list of things I hope my next post will accomplish:
-A successful housewarming party with awesome pics with friends and family.
-A bigger dent in my Christmas list.
-A wedding venue AND date!