Yes that’s right, folks. The Earth has successfully revolved the Sun, and we are once again approaching the holiday season. Although it seems likes retailers adorn their snow flakes, red velvet, and Kenny G earlier and earlier each year, I normally insist on waiting until after Thanksgiving to join in all the reindeer games.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, what the hell is a Turducken? I’ll tell you what it is. It’s an American obesity epidemic stuffed in a $147 billion health care crisis stuffed in the second worst economic recession in history. It’s cool though, only 925 million people went hungry this year.

Ok, now that I’ve ruined your day, I’m pleased to update you on what we’ve been up to lately!

Regular readers (both of you) may recall that I’ve recently started a new job in the respiratory business. Well the good news is that it’s working out really well so far, however the bad news is that I actually work at work now and unfortunately cannot spend as much time crafting blog entries.

You may also be wondering when and if Michelle and I are ever going to actually get married.

We are.


We have been doing a lot more planning though recently and finally have a few solid options for venues now. As requested, I’m going to strongly encourage Michelle to tell you all about them soon.

Also, coming soon is our official house warming party! Please call Michelle or me for details!

With the party on the way we’ve been pretty busy getting the house cleaned up and ready. Michelle has been a decorating machine and made us this awesome wreath for the front door.

We also now have the downstairs bar set up with gatorade and board games for all you party animals.

I also learned that until this past weekend, Michelle had never raked leaves before. Can you believe that? I feel like half of my childhood was spent with rake and tarp in hand. She’s a quick learner though, and we managed to get all the leaves to the street with only a few hours of work.

I’ve also done some decorating myself courtesy of Giro D’Italia winner Ivan Basso.

I like to think that he keeps an eye on the old Volkswagens as they drool coolant and oil all over the floor.