Ben’s current car-less situation (yea, I said car-less. that’s a whole other post) has left me some spare time at work to give a quick update as I wait for his final day at work to end not a minute before 5:00pm.  I hope his new job is a little more flexible.

As Ben likes to do all his fancy pants analogies of current events and life,  I’m going to keep it simple.  Well, nothing currently in our life is simple, so rephrasing that, I’m going to tell it how it is.

1. Lupus Loop…

…went fantastic!!! We raised over $1,500! I was so thrilled to see everyone come out to support the cause, my cause.  Ben and I ran a couple times the previous week to warm up our idle legs.  It was great to get out and run through Betzwood Park this time of year.  I even brought up an idea to start a running club with my sister.  She was recently just diagnosed with autoimmune pancreatitis and crohn’s disease.  She is into running about as much as me and we would definitely have to up our mileage, but what great motivation for us and others diagnosed with similar ailments/diseases.  Ben supports the idea as well and came up with a catchy name for us, “running a fever.”  Heather’s enthusiasm joined in too with, “R.I.O.T” — Running Is Our Therapy.  Hopefully by the Broad Street Run next May we will have something established- at least a running schedule.

2. Our house…
…is coming along.  Of course I want everything done and perfect NOW.  However, with a dwindled bank account and Ben’s ADD, that hasn’t been happening.  This week we did pick out some fabric to make kitchen curtains that I am uber excited about!
This weekend the forces of mama Hogga, sister Hogga-Blanton, and future mama-in-law Fong will combine to help me make executive, decisive decorating decisions on where to put some things.  I love to run my ideas by them because I know they will be totally honest and opinionated.  On another topic, I can’t wait to put up the Christmas tree! I love that time of year and I think it seal the deal of making it feel like home.

3. The wedding…
…date is still a mystery.  Another reason the female forces are joining together is because Ben and I made an appointment to see the John James Audubon Center as a possible wedding venue.  We have been having such a hard time setting a date not only because of everything on our plate right now, but because we cannot find a venue.  Thanks to Julie sending me again which I had visited plenty of times and I was like been there, looked at all them, she got me reconsidering some places.  The actual website does the space no justice, but then—- Ben sent me this site of this couple’s BEAUTIFUL wedding.
I can only speak for myself when I talk about how I envision me and Ben’s wedding day.  For me, choosing the kind wedding is hard.  We have discussed the justice of peace for legalizing our union to make things such as health benefits easier.  But, we don’t want to just legalize our marriage, we want to celebrate it!  Past getting a legal document that is very important, what kind of wedding will we choose?  I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I have been told I can decorate pretty well, so when it comes planning our day I want to put my passion to work! I love the flowers, the planning, all the details. The problem– when it comes to fashion/decorating I don’t have a defined look and neither does Ben.  Where I hope we can stray away from a traditional day, which direction should/will we go?

modern, clean-lines- [Phoenixville Foundry] industrial side


organic, vintage [John James Audubon Center] side?

Decisions, Decisions!