No, not that change; but change we can believe in.

While I won’t be shape shifting into an 18-wheeler any time soon, I have followed the lead of director Michael Bay who recently dropped Megan Fox from the next Transformers movie and upgraded to newer, developing version of my money maker. I realize that’s a long analogy, but here’s the movie style explanation in case we lost anyone:

Military helicopter
I got a new job
Sexy lady
I start next week

So while I’m not all that excited about the next Transformers movie, I am pretty pumped about starting a new job and look forward to browsing the internet and writing blog entries from a new cubicle.

In related news (but not really), I finally finished my spare wood/work bench transformers project. When we moved in to our house the garage came filled with a ton of  spare wood. I originally ripped everything out and tossed it in a small but growing pile on the side of our house but kept thinking of ways to re-purpose the lumber. So while I have been increasingly active in working on small projects, I’ve never had a good work place to do it.

Enter Ikea As-is department. If you’ve ever shopped at Ikea, you may have noticed there’s a small section of misfit furniture pieces right before checkout. I’ve been waiting years to actually put this oasis to use, and finally got the chance when Michelle and I found a 2’x4′ table top for $4.99. I then used the table top measurements to create a simple two tier frame out of the spare wood and voila, a usable and storage friendly work bench for $4.99.

Surprisingly, everything is just crooked enough for it to stand perfectly level.