‘Til the sweat drip down my sub-contractors.

That’s right, folks. Inspired by chilly mornings, road noise, and Barack Obama’s new energy plan for America; Michelle and I decided to replace the windows in our new home. You wouldn’t believe how much they charge for pieces of glass stuck between vinyl, but we sure do feel warm and cozy knowing we’ve contributed our part of the planned $150 billion investment in freeing us from our dependence on foreign oil.



Speaking of foreign oil, we recently spent the afternoon at a vintage car picnic held at an 18th century mansion in Chester County. The gathering consisted mostly of older model Peugeots and Fiats with a few surprises mixed in. We ended up riding down with Jamie and Laura who brought the ’82 Polo and ’65 Cub. I freaking love any car or motorcycle that’s older than I am, but the real excitement came when we toured the 300 year old house. Our host, Dan, purchased the property several years ago and has made it his life-long project to restore the colonial mansion to it’s original glory. (He better stay healthy!)

I wish I could have shot a few pictures of the interior of the house, but not falling through the floor quickly took priority. I did manage to get a few of us outside though:

Scooters are ridiculously fun until your friends see how silly you look on one.

Now I had these grandiose plans of writing a nice long entry to articulate all of our recent adventures, but inspired by a joke I read yesterday I’m going to save the three-legged pig and split everything up into exciting bite sized pieces. This way, you’ll have a reason to visit our blog everyday!