Two lovebirds, a wedding, and a bunch of bikes… Add a house to that!  Obviously the house has become the top priority right now in our lives.  Cycling season is over (I think) and my feet having hit the pavement since August.  On September 17th, not only did we sign up for 30 years of debt, we also threw diet, exercise, and sleep out our drafty windows!

Although interior decorating internet browsing, making project checklists, and budgeting for all the home projects has become the norm, I can’t help but still find myself typing,, or into my internet browser.  I am so happy we finally found our house, but I am yearning to set a date for our wedding.  We are still hoping sometime in September-December 2011 will seal the deal.  Since I am on the topic of weddings, why don’t I just let it all out.

Some of you have seen my lovely wedding inspiration binder that I had started, oozing with shades of plum purples, lime greens, and chartreuses that would work for most times of the year.  Then the house came on the forefront and the thoughts of pushing back the wedding date came up.  Genius idea, yes, but that means waiting to be husband and wife maybe even until 2012! So what about a Decemeber wedding? Save on venue- yes.  Get deals from vendors for off season- yes.  Cheap holiday decorations, winter wonderland theme- NO. NO. NO.  There is a thin line when it comes to a holiday time wedding atmosphere.  Our motto for our wedding day: simple sophistication.  My decorating idea if we marry in December:  subtle and beautiful.  Our worst nightmare for creating the atmosphere: Oriental Trading! Before everyone thinks I have lost the meaning of our wedding day and have gone bridezilla, please refer to this blog I have been visiting Bride Junk to understand my erraticism. My comment on her post regarding her DIY projects:

…I keep telling myself that I will create an atmosphere on our day that sets the mood, ambiance, and is as intoxicating as my love for my fiance. If no one else catches the love in the air or appreciates all the detail, I know my senses will be heightened and make the day that much more memorable and fantastic!

All in all, if we were to wed in the month of December, I don’t want to have a festive holiday party where we are celebrating our marriage.  No matter the month, I want the day to scream our personalities, I would just like to be sooner than later, because I can’t wait to marry my best friend!