Wait, I thought the wedding planning was on hold? Syke! Did you really think we could just not worry about it?

Well Labor Day weekend started out innocently enough. Friday afternoon Michelle and I packed up the bikes and headed off to the river trail for a “moderate pace” ride. Here’s a tip fellas, ALWAYS make sure you establish and stick to some type of planned pace and distance before riding/walking/running with your lovely lady. When she says “I just want to go for a nice ride in the park” do not take her through rush hour traffic at race pace. Trust me, it won’t end well. However, when she’s up for a good workout you better make sure you’re able to keep up.

After posing for pictures we pedaled off into the sunset with the plan of riding out 45 minutes and then trying to ride back in less time. This section here is our favorite part of the trail and perfect for tandem bike engagement photos.

Saturday was again devoted to working on the VW Polo. We started with mocking up the turbo and prepping the fuel system, but missing parts prevented us from moving forward. Not to waste the afternoon, Jamie and I hopped in the car and headed over the junkyard!

All good fun, but Sunday is when we actually got around to doing some wedding stuff to write about on our wedding blog. Michelle had scheduled us an appointment to see the Liberty View Ballroom in Philadelphia. It’s located at the Independence Center right in the middle of the historic section of center city. The venue has a great outdoor space and overlooks the whole area.

The venue itself was ok, but unfortunately just ok. Getting married in center city seemed like a romantic dream, but after thinking about it more, it quickly became a logistical nightmare. Looks like we’re back to the drawing board.

Luckily, we had more exciting plans for Sunday afternoon. Since my mom was in town, we arranged to go visit the new house so she could finally see it in person. We had to make a quick pit stop first though since, well, my mom was in town.

Now there are two important things you should know about IKEA:

1. Michelle and I are out of college, but still buy IKEA furniture. (hipsters)

2. The sellers of our house both work for IKEA and are selling because they are being relocated to the corporate headquarters in Sweden. (bigger hipsters)

That means they have a house full of Flürgens, Gråbenfüks, and Lüäöküöås with no room left in their suitcases. Solütion? We’ll buy all your shit!

It really was  a great deal though. The sellers were there hanging out so we got to get to know them a little and talked about the house and their upcoming move. They conveniently placed little sticky notes on everything they wanted to sell and even threw in some stuff for free. My mom also got to tour the house, and I was relieved to hear how much she likes it.

Before we left though, they caught my wandering eye and offered me a steal of deal on the MR2 Spyder they won’t be able to bring either. Decisions, decisions..

Monday was thankfully pretty quiet. I love days like that where you have absolutely nothing to do. I eventually ended up spending the afternoon on the bike pre-riding an upcoming race course with Jamie. He and Laura then had us over for vegan tacos. While Jamie and I worked out some more plans for the Polo, Laura taught Michelle how to knit!

She’s gonna need a nice scarf for when we’re driving that new convertible through the crisp Autumn air!