It was all a dream. I used to read Word Up magazine.

Michelle took me to the movies tonight to see Inception, and those lyrics kept popping in my head whenever the characters would talk about dreaming (so pretty much the whole damn movie). Therefore, this post is dedicated to Mr. Wallace, who like us, couldn’t picture this but now sips champagne when he’s thirsty.

Well sorta..

Friday after work was happy hour at Mackenzie’s with Michelle’s co-workers. No champagne, but I did enjoy their oatmeal stout. We also enjoyed relaxing with everyone after such a long week. This party animal though was really letting loose.

The goal for this weekend was to keep things simple. The last several weeks have had us traveling everywhere and doing everything. With the heavy emotions and stress flying around from our house buying process, I wanted to make sure we both got to do whatever the hell we wanted. For Michelle that meant relaxing with family, and for me that meant getting dirty under a car.

We started bright and early to try and get a motor installed in one of the project Volkswagens, but missing parts meant we’d be focusing on other areas of the car. We were also challenged with the side project of getting seats mounted in Eric’s car.

Lunchtime came quick, and we piled into the R32 to check out a new raw cafe. Raw Can Roll is a vegan, all natural cafe nearby that specializes in serving meals made of raw fruits and vegetables.

Michelle and I try to eat as healthy as possible, but this place blew my mind. The food was tasty, and not a single nutrient was spared. I had the Thai spring rolls.

For a full review of our lunch, visit Goodbye Texas, Hello PA in the near future.

When we got back to Jamie’s, we were surprised with fresh baked cookies from his wife, Laura!

These were vegan too, and Michelle would later award them “some of the best chocolate chip cookies ever!”. It was getting late though so we hustled back to the driveway to get as much work done as possible.

As the sun was setting we found ourselves in a race against time to get Eric’s new seat rails fabricated and welded together. It wasn’t pretty, but I got to try welding for the first time! It was the passenger seat so make sure you buckle up, Lauren!

Meanwhile, Michelle stopped by and inspected our progress. We still had a lot of work to do so she and Laura headed off to a local farmers’ market. The sun finally called it quits though just as we were bolting up the driver’s seat, but I’m pleased to report the seats fit perfectly and are ready for ridin’ dirty.

Exhausted, we piled back into the R32 and headed out for a Chinese food break. Upon our return, we were again greeted with a surprise, but this time it was the sight of Laura and Michelle walking around with what looked like prison shanks. They had purchased several old spoons at the market and were attempting to make key chains and jewelry out of them. Michelle has been working out the idea of a spoon bracelet for some time, and I was happy to see her grinning  as she cut away with a hack-saw. It took some help from the boys and a good bench vice, but they pulled it off and made some neat stuff.

If ya don’t know, now ya know, Hogga.