Wow! You might say the past few weeks have taken us through a compact region of spacetime whose boundary is topologically trivial but whose interior is not simply connected (or that time flies, but good luck finding a formula for that). To draw on my own understanding of physics and quantum mechanics though, I like to describe our recent adventures as: Shit got crazy. As a result we have unfortunately been unable to keep the world wide web updated and our friends and family amused.  Just as I was conveniently able to re-take physics, I am now going to try to re-write the missing posts.

As many of you know, this month has marked a period in my life where I’ve finally been able to transition from child to adult; to jump from innocence to experience; to carefully plan years full of saving, investing, and debt management. I’m talking of course about having my brother, Kris, turn 21.

We celebrated his birthday with an amazing dinner at Buddakan in Atlantic City and then hit Somers Point for a few drinks before Michelle and I fizzed out. Kris and I then continued the celebration last weekend in the Poconos; but of course what happens at the cabin, stays at the cabin.

Continuing with the recap, Michelle and I made time to visit another possible wedding venue while in New Jersey. Hidden Creek is the country club that I worked at during my summers off from college, and my old boss Nina was kind enough to extend it as an option for us.

The club itself is beautiful all year round and provides some of the best golf and entertainment in the area. However, our first rule from the beginning of planning this wedding has been “no country clubs” so I don’t think it’s going to work out here.

Later that day we also stopped by my favorite 1 year old’s birthday party.

Whew! Exhausted yet? Fast forward a couple of days though and our cucumbers are picked!

Currently our chemistry supervisor, Michelle, has them soaking in a secret concoction (probably leftover Tequila from the fiesta) to create pickles.

Here she is soaking in a different secret concoction at the Guts & Glory 5k in Ocean City:

And finally, just this past weekend I was able to get together with some hometown buddies and celebrate the long-awaited return of our friend Kevin from Albania (yes, I googled it – no, I didn’t know where it was either).

Kevin spent the last two years working directly with schools in Albania to develop youth programs and help kids get involved in their communities. I also found out he’s engaged and will soon be moving to Minnesota with his fiancée! Congratulations!

We spent the night celebrating in Atlantic City, and knowing these boys, it wasn’t far off from the good ‘ol days. Remember the last scene in The Hangover when they find the camera? It was kind of like that.

Almost like  going through a wormhole..